5 Genius Tricks to Make a Small Bedroom Appear Larger

If you’ve ever woken up and wished that your bedroom would magically expand several feet, you’re not alone. The thought of a larger bedroom will never lose its appeal.

While you may not be able to physically widen your space, you can always turn to optical illusions to do the trick.

Here are five genius tricks to make a small bedroom appear larger!

1. Opt for Large, Eye-Catching Accessories

Replacing small accessories with large, eye-catching alternatives is a great way to add extra inches to your bedroom. Not only will your space appear widened, but it’ll also appear lengthened.

Large furnishings and décor make compact bedrooms appear more open and spacious. We suggest opting for a sizable headboard, light fixture, rug, and expansive wall art. You’ll marvel at the difference!

2. Get Rid of Extra Furnishings

Is your space brimming with furnishings? It may be time to wave some of them goodbye. Excessive furnishings weigh down interior spaces and make them appear more compact.

Relocate extra tables, chairs, or accessories to your living room, guest room, or storage room. In addition, replace bulky furnishings (curtains, rugs, etc.) with lightweight, modern, and airy alternatives.

These simple yet transformative switches will make your bedroom look and feel more spacious.

3. Indulge in Arched Black Steel Doors


Yes, switching out your doors can significantly impact the size of your space. Narrow, straight-edged doors can make your bedroom appear compressed.

Instead, indulge in black steel doors with arched edges to soften and balance your interior space. The curves and bends will create the illusion of a wider space and lengthen your walls. You can also experiment with arched steel French doors, pocket steel doors, or steel sliding doors.

Here are some of the most stunning and affordable arched doors that have been trending this year!

4. Light Colors for the Win!

Is your bedroom decked out with dark colors? Consider replacing them with light alternatives.

Deep colors restrict spaces and make them appear denser than they actually are. If your overall color scheme is on the darker side, you may have to switch the palette.

Opt for refreshing colors (pastels are a great option) to energize your space and make it appear more open, inviting, and wide.

5. Widen Your Windowsill

two kids playing on the windowsill of black steel windows

This tried-and-tested trick is one of the best ways to make a small bedroom appear larger. Widen your windowsill to add some much-needed dimension to your bedroom. This will also create the illusion of wider windows, thereby making your space appear larger.

As an added bonus, you’ll manage to keep the kids active!

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You can also check out our recent blog on maximizing space for additional insights into expanding larger spaces.

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