5 Home Improvements to Make in 2021

Home improvement projects are a great way to let your creativity flow and bring your dream home vision to life. But home improvements shouldn't just add to your house's aesthetic appeal; they should also add to its functionality.

We’ve come up with five ideas that'll help you transform your home and make things more functional and visually striking!

Front Doors First

It all begins at the front door. While front doors should be sturdy ad robust, that doesn't mean they can't be exquisite looking.

Opt for intricately designed iron doors such as Pinky's Iron Door’s Expressway or Dreams iron doors. These entry doors are made from robust materials that'll last you a lifetime, and the design is sure to take your breath away!

With Pinky's Iron Doors, designs and functionality goes hand in hand.

Go Green

Care for climate change begins right at home!

Try to incorporate as much green in and around your house as possible. Invest in a landscape, go all out on decorating your backyard with seasonal plants and flowers. Moreover, you can also try dressing up your patio doors with some green vines. French patio doors will work well with vines of all kinds. Opt for Honeysuckles, Bougainvillea, Ivy, or Lianas to complement the French patio doors' large windows.  

Bolder Tiles

Go big or go home!

2021 is all about going bigger and bolder, and so is the case with tiles!

Interior gurus are predicting styles that feature larger-than-life tiles. Whether you're opting for marble, porcelain, or ceramic tiles, the only rule is to go bold.

Interior designers aren't just limiting tiles to floors. They're being incorporated on walls as well.

Let the Outdoors in

The summers are upon us, and what better way to welcome the sunshine than to let the outdoors in? Try investing in floor-length patio doors, or opt for bi-fold or even sliding doors. Pinky's Iron Door’s patio doors feature some of the most contemporary designs and allow for natural light and air movement.

Work on the 'Work From Home' Feature

You've been working from home the whole past year; why not try adding a workspace in your home?

Transform a whole space into your home office, and separate it from the rest of the house. Homeowners can do so by opting for iron doors that feature large glass doors. Pinky's Air 5 Double flat top iron doors provide you with the necessary privacy and allow you to have a look around the house.

If you're looking for an iron door and steel windows in cities around Texas, we’re your best bet! Pinky's Iron Doors has a vast collection of iron entry doors, steel entry doors, patio doors, steel windows, and French doors. We ship to Houston, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, and El Paso.

Check out our stunning collection of iron doors, patio doors, and steel windows, and begin working on your home improvement projects today!


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