5 Must-Read Tips for Buying A New Front Door For Your Home

The front door of your home is the first thing that visitors see. It’s also the last thing that draws their attention when they’re leaving your place. You can make a great first impression and leave a long-lasting reminiscence on their minds by installing a new, attractive and fine-looking front door.

Buying a new front door isn’t simply about choosing the color, material, and design, but has a lot more to it. If you want the door to stand out and make a statement, you need to do some homework of your own. Here are five must-read tips that will immensely help you when purchasing a front door for your home:

Tip# 1: Door Terminologies—Learning Them Helps You Make The Right Call

When buying a new front door for your house, you will come across several terminologies pertinent to doors. It’s vital to understand the common terms to ensure you get the perfect entry door for your home.

Here are some important ones that you should know:

Swing: An in swing door is the one that opens in while the out swing doors open out.

Handed: Right-handed doors have hinges on the right side and vice-versa.

Lite: The glass on the door.

Jamb: The side-post or lining of a doorway.

Panels: Rectangular patterns on the door.

Tip# 2: Decorative Glass, Sidelights & Transforms Are Your Best Friend

Installing a new front door gives you an opportunity to add more natural light into your house. You can use a quality steel or iron door with a beautiful decorative glass to allow more sunlight to seep inside your home.

If you’re going with a door without decorative glass, you can also use sidelights and transoms to brighten up your space. Sidelights can be installed on either side—or even both sides—of your door.

In contrast, transoms are installed above your front door. They come in different shapes such as rectangular, semi-circular, square, etc. You can select from different styles and patterns of glass as per your preference.

Tip# 3: Do Yourself A Favor And Take Accurate Door Measurements

The correct dimensions can make the door installation process quite easy and straightforward. However, buying the wrong door size might lead to unnecessary complications and increase the cost of installation.

Hence, it’s imperative that you take the correct measurements of your door. If you’re replacing the entire system of your front door, taking accurate measurements can be difficult, so you might hire the help of a professional or contact a professional door company for guidance.

New Front Door For Your Home

Tip# 4: Choose The Right Color and Style For Your Front Door

If you want to make a solid statement with your new front door, it’s important that you carefully pick a style that complements the outdoor design elements of your home as well as décor inside the space. 

Moreover, choose the color that harmonizes with the exterior design of your home. You can never go wrong when choosing from a monochromatic palette. The color brown is also an elegant and exquisite color choice for your front door.

Tip# 5: Winter Is Here! Choose A Thermally Broken Door!

Winter is here! If you live in an area with a cold environment, you should consider investing in a top-quality thermally broken iron front door. These doors are extremely durable and provide great insulation, which adds security as well as help to keep your home nice and warm.

Moreover, the thermally broken doors also increase the value of your property as realtors and buyers understand the benefits it brings to the table, including savings in energy costs, exceptional security, among several others.

If you’re interested in buying handcrafted wrought iron doors, call us today for more information on our door collections or to order a door at discounted rates for Christmas.

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