5 Picturesque Iron Doors for Your Home in Midland

Midland is known to be the second-best place to live in Texas, and for all the right reasons. It offers a rich and artsy culture with many natural attractions for tourists, along with extremely friendly and open people that are welcoming for all. Similarly, Midland’s architecture is equally appealing to visitors.

What makes these Midland homes stand out is the use of iron doors in their entryways, patios, and pantries. If you are a Midland resident planning to upgrade your home’s entrance, here are some iron door ideas for you.

1. Pivot Iron Doors

If you’re looking for a stable and convenient door that also looks aesthetically pleasing, pivoting iron doors are the best for your Midland home. It offers a large glass door with an iron frame. Our pivot iron doors can be customized in every color and style to fit different themes.

Unlike regular doors, pivot iron doors are hinged on a vertical axis rather than on a side wall. The unique and elegant design acts as an amazing backdrop for pictures and is stunning for entry ways.

2. Arched Iron Door with Transoms

Even though arched doors have been a part of many homes for centuries now, we have transformed them to fit into the modern world with transoms. The glass design on top of your arched iron door allows light to peek through, brightening up your home.

The design for the iron door can be as per the homeowner’s choice, from custom-work iron doors to iron doors with glasswork.

3. Iron Doors with Sidelights

Iron doors with sidelights are a must-have for almost every home. These sidelights help brighten up the home with an abundant light flow while adding an elegant touch to the entry doors.

Iron doors with sidelights can also be combined with transoms for an added oomph since it helps make a striking entrance.

4. French Iron Doors

There’s nothing more sophisticated than French iron doors. It offers a sophisticated entrance to every home due to its delicate iron frame and high-quality tempered glass.

If you’re looking for something different, consider oversized French iron doors that come in ceiling-to-floor length size. While many of our clients replaced an entire wall with French iron doors, there are many ways to customize it.

5. Custom-Work Iron Doors

Lastly, let’s not forget our very favorite custom-work iron doors. Every custom-work iron door is made by hand, ensuring it’s as unique and special as our client. From thin and delicate ironwork to broad and thick bar-style iron doors, we can make them all.

Which style of custom work to choose highly depends on the overall aesthetic and feel of your home. Also, it’s important to ensure it complements your current windows to ensure that your home looks picturesque.

Iron doors have been a sign of luxury and royalty from the very beginning. Pinky’s Iron Doors is the industry pioneer when it comes to forging entry iron doors that represent status and class. Each comes with its remarkable attributes, from delicate French iron doors to bold solid wrought iron doors.

Visit our website today to initiate the journey of transforming your Midland home entrance with our picturesque iron doors!

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