5 Ways to Incorporate Iron French Doors into Your Home in West Lake Hills

While you might think that iron French doors look the best on patios or balconies, that's not the only rule! In fact, when it comes to working with Iron French doors, there are no rules at all! If you're big on all things French Renaissance, then this blog is just for you. 

We’ve rounded up some ways to incorporate French iron doors all over the house and make your place in West Lake Hills look like a Parisian dream!

Spruced Up Patio

Patios and iron French doors go hand in hand. Installing French doors is an ideal way to incorporate the natural elements in your home. Large glass panes allow for sufficient amounts of sunlight and help you open up your indoor space.

French-style Bi-fold iron doors will enhance your indoor and outdoor space's aesthetics and add to your West Lake Hills home's value.

Eye-catching Kitchen

Iron French doors can truly transform the look of your kitchen. Installing the right-sized French doors would ensure ample light, add an architectural element to your kitchen, and make it look more spacious.

Large, iron French doors will complement both contemporary and farmhouse-style homes in West Lake Hills.

Light in the Lounge Room

Large, arched French doors are the perfect way to add that Parisian style to your home.  Arched French doors offer an eccentric look to your lounge room and make it look more timeless and sophisticated.

Moreover, dark hues or matte black iron French doors will create a bold focal point. This enables the French doors to stand out and look more appealing to the onlooker's eyes.

Breathtaking Bedrooms

A bedroom that reminds you of the tastefully designed apartments in Paris? Yes, please!

All you need to do is ditch your regular windows and bring in iron French doors. The matte black iron French doors will complement your room's contemporary interior and tie up the whole look together. Moreover, iron French doors allow for ample amounts of sunlight and cut down on your electricity bills!

An Appealing Home Office

After a year of working from home, you've finally decided to set up a separate space for your home office. However, your home office doesn't need to look dull and boring. You can design your own office space and add in architectural elements that'll actually make you like your workspace!

Try investing in French doors that meet at the corners. These corner French doors will bring in the sunshine, offer you splendid views of the outdoor space, and cut down on your job-related stress!

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