5 Ways Window Designs Inspire Architecture

When renovating your dream home, window designs are probably not the first thought that crosses your mind. However, windows play a major role in improving your property's aesthetic appeal by letting more light into your home and complementing your interiors.

Steel windows and accessories can help bring the vision in your mind to life – here's how.

The shapes and designs of windows have a say in the house's architectural style. If you're opting for large French-style bay windows, they'll perfectly complement your traditional-style house. However, if you wish to keep it minimal, flat top French-style windows are your best bet.

By Letting Natural Light In

Windows play an important role in letting natural light into your home and making your home look more spacious. Natural light softly highlights your home's furnishings, interiors, and hallways. Opting for large glass pane windows could actually improve your home's value and appeal to interested buyers.

The interior has to complement the windows that often become the focal point of the room. If you want to opt for full-length windows, our Air 5 Single Flat is a stellar choice for doors that complement a room with a lot of natural light.


Offer Beautiful Outdoor Views

There's nothing as beautiful as a room with a view. If you live by the seaside or have a picturesque view of the city's skyline, frame the gorgeous view with an equally stunning window. These windows are the focal points of the home and can offer striking views of the outside world.

For rooms with picturesque views, our Air 4 Double Arch are the perfect choice that will help you take in the beautiful outdoor views.

By Complementing the Room's Aesthetics

Windows complement the room they're installed in and bring the best out of the space. Such as clear windows for spacious rooms with tall ceilings.  A lot of natural light also influences smaller rooms to look more spacious and roomy.

Like windows, doors also complement rooms – our Air 4 and Air 4 Double Flat are chic choices that add to a room's appeal.

Windows paired with the right iron and steel doors make for a perfect home. Pinky's Iron Doors has an impeccable collection of iron and steel windows and doors. You can also visit our website to check out our exquisite collection of iron entry doors, steel patio doors, steel French doors, steel sliding doors, and much more!

Choose steel windows that complement your interiors, iron doors, and home's architectural style. Head over to our website to browse through our steel windows collection.

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