6 Different Iron Door Styles To Incorporate In Your Pennsylvania Home

When it comes to buildings, whether it’s an office building, restaurant, or your home, a gorgeous front door will help set the mood for any visitors or passersby. In a society where first impressions are incredibly important, a custom iron door for your Pennsylvania home can truly help you set yourself apart from all the other houses on your street.

Wrought iron doors have been getting more popular over the past few years. But how exactly should you choose the perfect iron door design for your home? A custom iron door can breathe new life into a dated home and turn it into a timeless abode, or it can help elevate the sophisticated beauty of your modern home even more. It’s a great way of adding character to your home and communicating what the inside of the house has in store for any guests.

Here are some of the best iron door styles that you can incorporate in your home in Pennsylvania to add elegance and class:

Mid-Century Modern

The mid-century modern-inspired style originally appeared quite a few years ago and kept incorporating the latest trends to stay relevant in the present time. This helps the door style to continue looking new and fresh over the years.

This design incorporates rounded patterns in a typical mid-century style, as well as chains and plaits around the hardware, which add a more modern twist. It’s an incredible choice for people who want to customize their iron doors for a unique and one-of-a-kind look.

Straight and sharp lines

Iron is an incredibly versatile and tough material that can be bent into various shapes to make custom patterns and designs for decorating iron doors. However, sticking to a classic straight line will help you provide a neat and straightforward look that can look cutting edge and intense or simple and classy.

You can also mix the design up by incorporating slightly bent lines to create lattices or boxes in the middle of the door. You don’t have to stick to outdated 19th century door styles when it comes to custom wrought iron doors!

Elegant scrollwork

Whirls, twists, and different adjusted designs are commonly associated with iron doors, but you can put your creative mind to use and refresh the style to reflect more modern trends! An ideal way of doing this is to change the scale of the iron twirls. Older styles of twists on iron doors are usually grouped together in a thick, lavish design. If you need something more modern and unique, you can go for twists that are larger and more spaced out.

Larger twists in iron doors can add visual intrigue and provide a more unconventional look without looking antiquated. They’re also great for letting in even more natural light into your home! Similarly, you can make your scrollwork feel more modern by getting smoother twists with fewer branches and a more subtle design.

Geometric designs

Mathematical structures are amazing for providing an extremely stylish look while helping you make your front door stand out. There are numerous geometric designs out there that incorporate unique shapes using concentric circles, triangles, and lines to create gorgeous forms and mazelike structures.

Some iron doors with geometric designs also highlight the thick lines of high-quality ironwork on open box shapes. Try using door designs inspired by 1920s art deco doors and adding a modern twist!

Asymmetrical style

If you’re looking for an even more striking look for your iron front door, an edgy, asymmetrical look might be just right for you. These designs are rather simple to accomplish on an iron swinging door since you can have two different designs on either side, such as uncoordinated twirls or unique geometric designs that are different on both sides.

Minimalistic style

Straightforward shapes and thin, straight lines give a very modern feel to wrought iron doors. If your home incorporates a contemporary style, it’s best to stretch that out to the front door to reflect the décor and stylistic layout.

Smooth and modern designs are extremely attractive due to the lack of fussiness involved with their style. From simple box designs to striking styles incorporating thickening ironwork, there are many different things that you can do with a minimalist iron door.

One of the best things about minimalistic designs is that it’s less bunched up, allowing your entryway to get plenty of natural light through glass panels. Whether you go for something that sticks out as the visual focus of your home’s exterior or something that blends in a seamless and cohesive manner, minimalistic iron doors are sure to provide your home with an ageless look.

Some minimalist door designs include:

French doors

French doors look like windows while functioning as doors. These floor-to-ceiling double doors include large glass panes that provide homeowners with a beautiful view of their outdoor area and let in plenty of natural light. They’re great for creating a cohesive indoor-outdoor space where you’re connected to nature.

Dutch doors

Dutch doors are horizontally split down the middle to turn into a window and door in one. The bottom part stays closed while the top part can be opened up to let in the air and light. This is a great addition for families with small children and pets who need to be kept safe inside the house without having to compromise on getting the air flowing through the room.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are attached to a track along the floor, which allows them to slide open and closed without any hassle of having to swing inwards or outwards. This helps save space in smaller entryways and is an incredible addition to modern and contemporary homes due to its uniqueness.

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