6 Reasons Why Your Home Needs Sliding Doors In Every Room

As we comfortably settle into 2020, the new decade has already started setting some of the most luxurious and contemporary-chic trends in interior design and landscaping.

From Architectural Design to Elle Decor, the top architectural magazines have been unanimously loving sliding doors.

While this trend was somewhat popular in the past, there has been a dramatic increase in its demand this year. By blending aesthetic appeal with functionality, sliding doors offer the best of both worlds at an affordable price. Their versatility further allows homeowners to experiment with their interior look, thereby creating the perfect design that matches their personal style.

If you're still unsure about switching your regular hinged doors with luxurious sliding clouds that instantly transform your home, we've rounded up some inspiration to get you going!

Read on!

1. Are Sliding Doors Functional? YES!

Are you tired of cranking your doors open each morning?Whether you're stepping into your kitchen to prepare a delicious brunch or entering your bathroom for a quick morning shower, sliding doors are the best way to enhance ease and functionality.

Unlike conventional options, steel sliding doors move easily on their rails, thereby requiring a gentle push to glide open. While regular door handles may cause inconvenience at times—especially door knobs—sliding doors will allow you to move in and out of spaces easily and efficiently.

2. Custom Sliding Doors Contemporize Your Interior Space

While your home may be beautifully decked in contemporary design and decor, the wrong door usage can instantly damage your interior aesthetic. To maintain and enhance the interior appeal, invest in luxury sliding doors that balance the contemporary minimalism and elegance of your space.

While traditional wooden doors will add an uncomfortable heaviness to your space, classic sliding doors will add sophistication while improving functionality. Ultimately, you'll feel relaxed and renewed while uplifting your interior space for enhanced aesthetic appeal. We also recommend opting for custom sliding doors to connect your interior and exterior space.

By demarcating the two central spaces of a home with a neutral sliding door, you'll achieve a harmonious balance that contemporizes your home.

3.Sliding Doors Add Privacy

If you're a family of five (or six... or seven), we understand how essential privacy can be. From toddlers crawling in and out of rooms to pre-teens blasting their favorite pop music with friends, your comfortable haven can easily turn into a boisterous space that lacks privacy.

Whether you want some peace and quiet in your home office or simply want to create a section away from the eventful shenanigans, interior sliding doors are the perfect way to add privacy.

We recommend investing in a frosted or seeded sliding doors for an added layer of seclusion throughout the day.

4. They Save a Ton of Space

As one of the best options for small homes, sliding doors help homeowners save a ton of space. Instead of opening inwards or outwards, sliding doors are fitted into tracks or recessed door frames that allow them to glide open easily. This saves space that would otherwise be used to extend or retract a door.

We recommend investing in steel sliding doors for your bedroom, bathroom, and storage rooms to save maximum space. You can also switch your entry doors with custom sliding doors to use the opening space for contemporary decor that enhances your home appeal.

As family members and guests walk in, they'll be taken aback by the creative placement that would otherwise not be possible with regular hinged doors.

5. Sliding Doors Add Light to Your Home

Glass sliding doors are one of the most stunning ways of letting in a ton of natural light. While indoor lights can add a sophisticated glow to your home, there's nothing quite like the natural glow and warmth of sunlight.

Transform your home into a beautiful sun room by investing in modern sliding patio doors. We also recommend opting for glass sliding doors for your bedroom, so you make the most of fresh and exuberant sunlight.

6. Luxury Sliding Doors Create Harmony and Flow

Opting for sliding doors is a surefire way of enhancing interior harmony and flow. While hinged doors prove to be extremely obtrusive and cumbersome at times, sliding doors will add softness and lightness to your interior space without compromising on elegance.

By creating an open plan layout while cleverly demarcating each section, you'll achieve a refreshing flow that doesn't interfere with your interior design.

Ready to transform your home by indulging in dreamy yet affordable sliding doors? At Pinky's Iron Doors, we offer a wide range of sliding door designs.

If you want something extra special that matches the interior aesthetic of your space to perfection, we can bring your vision to life by creating a custom sliding door. Not only will you benefit from sleek and gorgeous doors that add new life to your home, but you'll also notice an improvement in overall functionality and mobility.

We also offer a range of iron and steel doors, including locks, handles, transoms, and sidelights.

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