A Homeowner’s Guide to Wrought Iron Interior Doors



Homeowners across the globe are on the lookout for modern and innovative solutions. While smart T.Vs and refrigerators make it on top of the appliance list, wrought iron doors rule over the fixtures section. Gone are the days of wooden and PVC doors; this new generation is turning towards classy and functional options like wrought iron and steel. Here’s everything you need to know about wrought iron interior doors:


Types of Interior Doors

1.   Pantry Doors

Your kitchen is the heart of the home, where most memories are made. From beginning your day with a cup of coffee to trying new family recipes, all love is shared in the kitchen. This is why it’s essential that you choose functional and classy fixtures to enhance their overall look. Wrought iron pantry doors work as an excellent option as they are versatile and complement all kinds of settings. Whether it’s modern, traditional, or contemporary, the black frames and gridded design will work wonders like no other. What’s even great is that the glass panels offer a clear view of the ingredients, so you’ll know when to stock up!


2.   Wine Cellar Door

If you’re looking to add an unlimited amount of class to your space, then a wine cellar will be the perfect addition. This is a great way to display all the bottles you’ve been collecting and will also be a hot spot during parties and get together. Even if you’ve just entered the world of wines, a wine cellar will take your hobby to the next level. Whenever you’ve had a rough day at work or are feeling low, a glass of wine will keep your spirits high. The wine cellar you design should work in sync with your overall house design. When choosing a door, this Air 4 double flat door will work wonders like no other. It’s the perfect blend of modern and classy, featuring a wrought iron black frame that encases clear glass panels for an unobstructed view. 

3.   Pocket Doors

Pocket doors will be your go-to choice when you’re tight on space. Unlike traditional French doors, these pocket doors are super functional and require minimum space. They seamlessly slide into a pocket-like space that’s created in the wall adjacent to it. Laundry rooms, bathrooms and closets are great places to install a pocket door. 


4.   Bedroom Doors

Lastly, wrought iron doors work perfectly for bedrooms as well. They are super customizable, which means you can change the shape, size and design according to your unique needs. Since your bedroom is a private space, you can always switch the clear glass panels for something tinted or frosted.

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