Adding Edge to Your Family Home: A Design Challenge

What things make you think of the ultimate American home? An open plan kitchen, a porch worthy of a couple rocking chairs, some cushy couches, white stairs that creak and you know the rest. However, this image is also something you’d expect from a home that was built in the sixties.

Even though you may have fond memories of the house where your kids grew up, now that they’ve left it’s time you redid the place to feel a little bit more like you’re in the 21st century. Chuck out the wooden door and net screen duo and bring in some sleek wrought iron entry doors — it’s time for an extreme makeover.

Wood’s Gotta Go

For some reason, midcentury American homes went really heavy on the wood. Wooden porches, doors, steps, windows etc. You name it, and your home probably has it. However, you may know from experience that wood doesn’t hold up too well or insulate your home.

In 2020, it’s all about the stone and steel. Iron glass doors or steel exterior doors are the way to go for your entryway. Add some cobbled front steps and marble stairs or flooring and you’ll find that your home looks a lot fresher.

Rip Out That Wallpaper

Wallpaper seems to have reigned over walls for quite a few decades — but its reign is over. Plain painted walls in bold, solid colors are in, complemented by pastel or lighter shades in the upholstery and drapery to compensate.

You can even get away with rock-textured walls or exposed brick, but stay away from patterned walls as if your life depends on it.

No Need for Neutrals

The time for subtlety and warm light colors is over. You don’t need eggshell blue walls or fawn couches anymore. The current trends are about making statements, which neutrals can’t accomplish.

Neutral accenting here and there is fine, of course but it can’t be the star of the show. Our recommendation is to get rid of all the neutral curtains, rugs, pillow covers, bed sheets or any other textile decoration you have lying around. Bring in a combination of light and dark cloth decorations instead.

Transform the Patio

Patios have suffered terribly in the last decades, with people in the suburbs and cities both preferring to utilize the porch. However, it’s time to reclaim the land. Add a fire pit, create a proper deck and set up a small corner for your daily breakfast.

You can also install some wide industrial-style steel doors or black steel French doors to open up the space between your living room and patio. This will make your interior feel larger and allow you to open up space for a birthday party or Fourth of July barbecue.

We recommend installing our black steel windows to complement your iron patio doors as well for design cohesion. You can also check out our steel sliding doors, pocket steel doors, or get custom steel doors from our site!

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