Are French Doors Suitable for Modern Homes?

Known for their incredible aesthetic appeal, sophisticated look, and refined finishing, French doors are considered one of the most beautiful types of interior doors on the market.

Whether your home is bathed in rustic, modern, minimalist, transitional, or bohemian design and colors, you can rest assured that a set of French doors will add balance and cohesion to your space. Why? Because French doors are timeless. They’re simple and effortless, making them well-suited for just about any interior space.

This blog will offer a closer look at why French doors are an excellent choice for modern homes. Let’s get started!

1. Style 


When it comes to their style, French doors are modern in every definition of the word. Whether you select a pair of a single flat, double flat, single arched, double arched, or custom French doors, you’ll love their simplicity. Their style is bold yet classic. It makes interior spaces look more enlivened, not overdone.

2. Aesthetic Appeal

French doors pack a powerful aesthetic punch. They’re beautiful, unique, and effortlessly designed. As a homeowner, you should focus on finding doors that make your modern interior spaces look more energized and uplifted. A pair of black French doors will help you achieve this beautifully. Your home will look more refreshed and balanced.

We recommend pairing your doors with tawny accessories and furnishings. The black and brown pairing is breathtakingly beautiful. Most house flippers and renovators try to achieve this balance as it instantly catches the eye when homebuyers or guests walk in. It makes the space look more inviting and appealing.

3. Versatility


French doors fit beautifully into a range of interior spaces: the bedroom, living room, dining hall, kitchen, patio, pantry, and even the bathroom. They’re sleek and sophisticated, which makes them immensely versatile.

You don’t have to worry about your new doors making your space look boring and banal. Modern French doors are an excellent pick as they pack the excitement factor in abundance.

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we manufacture black steel doors that break the white/nude palette of interior spaces. The outcome is a visual treat!

Pro tip: Find gold doorknobs for your new doors if you want to go the extra mile. They’ll add another touch of sophistication to your doors and space. Even if you opt for black doorknobs, your home will look more put-together and polished.

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