Are Steel Doors a Good Idea for a Family with Kids?

As a parent you’ll always have to make sacrifices, but sometimes your heart will spot some minimalistic, stunning wrought iron entry doors and you’ll want to splurge on them. Sadly, your fears may stop you from making the most of even the small joys in life.

However, we’re here to debunk the myth that black steel doors or iron glass doors aren’t suitable for families with young kids. The key is to make sure that the iron doors you’re buying are sturdy, durable and made by a company that has years of experience — like us!

Let’s take a look at what concerns parents usually have, and what our doors provide to compensate for that.

The Concerns You May Have

Kids are safest when surrounded by soft cushions and toys — but that’s usually a nightmare for parents as they try to shield their children from the outside world. In comparison, wrought iron doors or interior steel doors represent a world of danger. Sharp edges, possible slamming, glass breaking risks and more could go wrong.

There’s also the idea that splurging on an expensive residential steel door isn’t worth it when your kids won’t be able to maintain the door and keep it damage-free. All these concerns are valid, but that doesn’t mean you can’t install iron doors for homes regardless.

Addressing Your Concerns About Our Steel Doors

Here are your concerns about our doors, and the features present in them that could change your point of view on whether you should buy and install these in your house.

Our Glass

We don’t let kids near glass, because it can break, shatter and result in gruesome injuries. However, we make sure that the iron doors with glass we supply are sturdy enough to not be broken by children. We use tempered dual pane glass, which means that there are two layers on our glass screens.

With the spacer between the two panes, the total width of the glass is 5/8”, which means that the glass is also thick enough to sit firmly in its threshold and cannot be cracked by anyone tapping or smacking it — least of all a child.

Door Weight and Width

There’s also the danger that these doors are too thick and heavy for a child, which can result in injury for a kid standing in the doorway. Now this could be an actual concern, since steel and iron can be quite heavy.

However, our doors swing out easily, and the weight will actually be deterrent for a mischievous kiddo trying to open the front door and get out. Unless someone actively slams a door while a child is in the hallway, it’s unlikely that this will be an issue.

Design Innovations for Safety

If you feel like usual swinging doors are a threat, you could let go of your black steel French door fantasy and add some steel sliding doors or pocket steel doors instead. This would allow doors to slide out, instead of swinging which lessens the chances of an accident that way.

If you’re still on the fence, call us at (844) 843-6677 at our office in California and feel free to discuss your fears with a member of our team. We also create custom steel doors, iron patio doors, black steel windows and industrial style steel doors!

Note: Pinky’s Iron Doors does not take any responsibility for injuries that may occur through the use of our doors. Parents are advised to assess their own requirements and home safety measures when buying one of our products.

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