Breathtaking Iron Front Doors and Steel Doors in Overland Park, KS

Enjoy the Effect that Our Premium Iron Door Range and Steel Door Collection Has on The Aesthetic Appeal of Your Home.


Overland Park; Kansas’ second-largest city and the jewel of Johnson County! What’s not to love about this suburb-turned-city in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area? Overland Park has a life of its own, with the teeming crowds and bustling city life. Lauded as the best place to raise a family in 2018, Overland Park is an ideal location to live in.

The thriving culture and art sphere, excellent school districts, and constant economic activity all play second fiddle to the constantly developing real estate scene. With home types ranging from the traditional American suburb one-story to magnificent contemporary–style homes, what any homeowner in Overland Park needs is a set of gorgeous iron and steel doors to upgrade their properties' look.

When the time comes for a quick remodel and you need elegant iron entry doors and steel doors in Overland Park, our doors and windows online store is the best place for you to order from. Our iron front doors adorn any entryway seamlessly, providing design value and curb appeal to your home.

From delightfully detailed front doors with scrollwork to colossal, classically-shaped steel entry doors in Overland Park, Pinky's Iron Doors products never let you down. We have customization capabilities beyond your imagination, with options in color, glass, form, accessories, dimensions, type of door, and even the functions they perform — our entry doors are any homeowners dream come true.



That’s just where your adventure with us begins. We have a near-endless range of interior doors and patio doors for the rest of your home. Our barn doors and steel sliding doors for Overland Park homes are simply stunning, while our iron patio doors come in all shapes and sizes to truly transform your interior and exterior.

The star of the Pinky’s Iron Doors show is the Air Series, our very own line of steel and iron doors that utilize lightness, minimalism, and classic lines as the main design principles. Each of our product categories has Air Series items in them, which is why if you're ordering our doors and windows to Overland Park, you can't miss this range.

If you're really in the mood to have some fun with your doors, why not order an entirely custom set of iron doors to Overland Park for your upgraded home? Our team ensures clear communication on what you want the doors to look like. Once we have your approval, our artisans take the concept and turn it into gorgeous iron and steel doors.  

Your satisfaction is our priority, which is why the Pinky’s Iron Doors client experience will be one you’ve never had before!

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