Can Sliding Doors Reduce Noise in a Busy House?

Now that everyone’s cooped up at home, noise pollution inside can be a real problem. Various factors contribute to it, and while you can treat many of them, some need to be indirectly taken care of. Doors tend to make a lot of noise, but you can actually replace them with a more suitable option in the form of sliding doors.

Minimal Friction

Sliding doors use unique mechanisms around the frame that minimize friction, often using wheels to move the individual sides. Unlike large doors that start to creak after ages, sliding doors continue to move silently around the frame over time due to smooth contacts. Normal doors will also make noise due to the hinges, loosening up and wearing down.

Sliding doors are ideal in this manner, requiring very little maintenance to keep in top shape.


Minimal Gaps

One of the reasons why most doors allow more noise inside over the years is because they contract around the frame. Little gaps around the body allow noise and dust to make their  way inside the room. Sliding doors are in direct contact with the frame, having little to no gap.

This makes it very difficult for sound to get inside. Sliding doors are ideal for working areas of the home or if you have kids and pets around that like to play around while you’re on the phone or occupied.

Blocking Sound

Along the tight frame of iron, there’s a large glass panel in the front of sliding doors. The panel acts as a medium between the rooms, dampening most of the sounds being made on either side. Glass does an excellent job of sound dampening for the most part, and these sliding doors placed appropriately can help create a suitable working area within the home.

The glass panel can help you see across the room, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything crucial only because you couldn’t hear it.

No Slamming Noise

Conventional doors make a lot of noise as they’re opened and shut. From the knob being twisted, the creaking of the hinge to the loud thud the door makes. When it gets really windy, doors might also open and shut on their own, often hitting the side of the walls if you don’t have a stopper for it.

All of these factors make a ton of noise and commotion around the house. A sliding door has none of the aforementioned issues, allowing you to minimize the ruckus with one simple installation.

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