Color Schemes That Work Amazingly with Black Steel Doors

So, you’re head over heels for some gorgeous steel doors, but they don’t go with your current traditional wallpaper situation. What should you do now? It’s the perfect time for a coat of fresh paint!

Pairing a new color scheme with wrought iron entry doors and interior steel doors can also require a little bit of decisive skill too. However, here are some tried and tested colors that work well with black no matter where you choose to install our doors.


Earthy Tones

Even though black and brown seem to be on similar ends of the color spectrum, earth tones can be a wonderful color to pair black with. This works especially well if you incorporate grassy green, sandy beiges as well as woody deep browns with.

Neutral fawn walls, oak or mahogany furniture and white plus green combination upholstery and drapes is the golden combination for an earth-toned interior. Pair these with our traditional grandiose double wrought iron doors for your entryway and your home will be stunning!

Statement Bold Walls

Sometimes, it’s okay to let some color into the house. Even though most interior design trends have stayed away from non-natural or non-neutral color palettes, that is slowly changing. A statement wall in a bright solid color offsets the standard black of industrial-style steel doors perfectly.

Consider locating this wall in your main hallway or living room. This allows the color to stay central to the home in relation to your iron doors, while also not being too overwhelming. Add pillows or throw rugs of the same color to accent the wall and tie everything together.

Clean White

Of course, there’s nothing that balances black out like white. Keeping your walls and furniture white is definitely a wise choice if you’re adding our black steel windows and doors everywhere in your house.

White keeps things simple, and crisp — which is why so many of our clients use it for their homes when they install our residential steel doors.

Pastels Galore

Although pastels can clash with plain black, there are smart ways to use this in your home. Interior designers have renewed interest in bold, solid colors these days, which means that there has to be some lighter accenting to compensate for all the heaviness.

This is where pastels come in. From light peppermint green to a millennial pink —there’s no end to the pastel colors you can use as accents for your drapery, upholstery or even tile color.

Our pocket steel doors and sliding steel doors work perfectly to finish the complex balancing act of color in this scenario.


Charcoals and Grays

If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t mind a little darkness around them, varying shades of gray and charcoal are also an option to explore. Whether you want to buy some matching wallpaper or highlight the color spectrum with varying shades in different design elements, matching color is always a safe bet.

This works even better if you can add a gray bricked deck in the back with an iron patio door or black steel French doors for good measure. After all this monochrome, you should give the eyes a break with some light pastels or white too.

So, now that you have tons of inspiration to work off of, order our affordable iron doors and custom steel frame doors today for a home reinvention you’ll love!


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