Contemporary Designs for Custom Iron Doors


If you're thinking of investing in the trendiest home upgrade in 2021, modern iron doors are the way to go. However, due to several design options available in the market, customizing a wrought iron door can become quite a task.

However, thanks to the iron door experts at Pinky’s Iron Doors, you can buy the perfect Dutch-style or French iron door to match your property in the US. From curb appeal, interior design, and functionality to spaciousness and natural light flow, we've considered all the factors that play a vital part in every home remodeling project.

Whether you want to upgrade your existing wrought iron doors or get new ones, we guarantee that this investment will repay you for years to come. It'll enhance your home's aesthetic and add an undeniable charm to your space.

At Pinky's Iron Doors, you can get any wrought iron door customized to match your style and preferences. From minimal look to luxurious and ornamental designs, we offer it all. Plus, by adding complementing features like plants, wall décor, and furnishing, you can further enhance your home’s overall look.

In this blog, we’ve talked about various style elements that you can choose to incorporate in your custom iron door design. So let’s get started.


Minimal Lines

Traditional iron doors were all about simplicity and functionality. However, many people have taken a creative spin by adding a stylish yet minimal touch to their iron doors. You can opt for iron curves and straight lines to give your custom iron door an indication of the 19th century.

Consider adding some plain or symmetrical grids in your door design for a contemporary look, or you can keep it simple with thick frames and elaborate glass panes to add spaciousness. 

Go Extra with Scrollwork or Filigree Patterns

If the modern grid style doesn’t inspire you, we suggest you opt for the mid-century look for your custom iron door. At Pinky's, we can design elaborate and ornamental ironwork patterns on your iron front door to exude the luxuriousness of the mid-century era. 

From circular and braided patterns to leaf and chain designs, there are endless ways to add a stylish touch to your modern iron door entrance. You can also opt for plasma cut brackets, atomic curves, or the Florence masterpiece to radiate beauty and elegance.

Additionally, you can customize your iron door by adding repetitive patterns, modern scrollwork, filigree, and botanical designs to create a truly distinctive passageway.

High-End Custom Iron Doors in the US

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we offer an exquisite collection of wrought iron doors and modern steel doors across the United States, including Illinois, Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, Alabama, California, Kentucky, and more.

Check out our gorgeous steel and iron entry doors for your space. For more details, call us at 844-843-6677. Happy Shopping!



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