Contemporary Door Designs That Make a Statement

Contemporary architecture has extended its influence to doors—the central feature of our homes and offices. These modern designs can be entirely original or inspired by vintage décor updated to suit 21st-century preferences. Let’s explore the different designs that have caught our eye and which you can add to your refurbishing plan.

Pivot Doors

Pivot doors can be an impressive addition to your home if used wisely. Their seamless, streamlined design complements modern homes excellently, and they can be used to connect the house to your poolside or patio. If you own a large backyard, then go wild with a wall of steel-framed pivot doors that open to reveal to the lush greens. Many homeowners also use them as entry doors customized with frosted glass panels or other accents so that privacy is maintained.

Black Metal Barn Doors

When we say barn doors, we don’t mean the traditional farmhouse-style designs made of wood and use for actual animal barns. Although this design has its own vintage appeal, the barn doors we’re talking about come with a contemporary twist. The sleek metal and steel barn doors give off major industrial vibes and are a great space-saver. While traditionally, they are used to connect the interior to the exterior, barn doors can also be used in bathrooms, storerooms, and even to tuck away wardrobes, laundry rooms, and recessed storage units.   

Interior Metal Pocket Doors

Do you love open spaces but are worried about maintaining privacy? Modern pocket doors solve this dilemma for you. These doors are designed to slide into a compartment in an adjacent wall, so they disappear entirely when fully open.

You no longer have to live with narrow doorways or several walls that make the house feel cramped. You also get to maintain privacy by simply reaching out for the doors inside the wall and pulling them close to create a partition.

Bi-Fold Accordion Doors

As always, we’ve saved the best for last. Bi-fold accordion doors are a great way to make a statement. These iron doors with glass panels can connect outdoor and indoor areas seamlessly, and they can also be used inside a house or office. Factory-style steel room dividers are one example that acts as a modern partition between rooms. Similarly, many offices also create rooms and cubicles with bi-fold black metal office doors creating the effect of enlarged spaces and bright interiors.

It’s Time for an Upgrade!

You’d be surprised to know how well these contemporary doors completely transform your home and office space. Try this stunning upgrade with Pinky’s Iron Doors as your partner.

We specialize in contemporary door designs, including wrought iron doors, barn doors, pocket doors, metal sliding doors, black steel room dividers, steel sliding doors, barn doors, steel pivot doors, and Dutch doors.

We also offer customization options such as sidelights, transoms, and different door locks and handles that can be used to further emphasize your entrance. Browse the complete steel door collection today to see which door suits your space best.


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