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On the perimeter of downtown Boston lies Weston, a suburban town known for its affluence and wealth. Hosting the lowest number of residents in all of Boston’s suburbs surrounding Route 128, the town is as comfortable as it is beautiful.

Home to a vast majority of outdoor activities, nearly 18% of the town’s total acreage has been reserved for leisurely activities including cross-country skiing, horseback riding, and hiking in well maintained forests and fields, all of which are regularly maintained for the townspeople.

The settling of influential individuals in the Weston area started back in the 1860s when wealthy businessman found convenience in how close Weston was to downtown Boston, along with the scenic views, quiet atmosphere and low taxes. Soon, with a higher population density of large estate owners moving into Weston, more industrial buildings and homes started to appear in and around Weston. With time, population demand also brought with it schools and other town services which made it a more liveable area for established families.

Alongside wealth, the town also is home to nearly 26 historical areas as well as seven houses which can be found listed under the National Register of Historic Places. With a town so rich in history, it’s no secret that the townspeople hold high regards to the architecture and surrounding areas that showcase the years of hard work and dedication that was put in by previous residents.

Steel window in a bathroom.

In hopes of incorporating the old with the new, Pinky’s Iron Doors offers a large array of entry doors, front doors and patio doors that would work well with the individualistic style of every home in Weston. With factory style steel doors, you can pay homage to the industrialization that made Weston the well maintained and influential town that it is today. Or you can add a more modernistic touch to an otherwise rustic interior décor with the help of steel windows and doors. We also offer custom iron doors that can be styled how you desire, with our team of experts working hard to communicate your vision and bringing it to life.

We have worked with a large number of clients and have project designs that could bring some inspiration your way. Call us at (844) 843-6677 for more information about our products and what would work best for your home in Weston.

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