Design Ideas For Your Mediterranean Style Home


Modern house designs significantly depend on people’s inspirations these days. A significant number of homeowners are now resorting to Mediterranean-style homes to celebrate the art, traditions, and colors of Mediterranean countries. If you’re looking for something similar, here are three design ideas to get started.

Neutral Backdrops

Mediterranean house designs are highly inspired by the architecture and stonework in countries like Spain, Italy, and Greece. A common theme all these countries follow is neutral backdrops. Despite choosing rich colors and textures, Mediterranean designs consist of neutral backdrops as the perfect canvas to highlight the brighter colors.

Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that if you’re looking to build a Mediterranean-style home, your walls and ceilings are as neutral and unified as possible. Some neutral colors to go for are beige, peach, and off-white. These shades will make your rooms look expansive and will perfectly highlight the other features of your house’s interior design.


Earthy Tones

Once you have the house’s backdrop all ready to go, it’s time to pick the right colors for your furniture and overall home decor. Mediterranean themes primarily consist of earthy tones with wooden textures. These colors include green, blue, turquoise, teal, and other similar shades.

Therefore, try to incorporate these colors into your house’s interior design as much as you can. While it can be challenging to find home accessories in such unique colors, you can always create a contrast with a pop of color for a fascinating effect.

Patterned Iron Doors

Mediterranean home designs are all about luxury, tradition, and nostalgia. In other words, there’s nothing sleek or minimalistic about these designs. Therefore, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to incorporate texture and patterns into your home as much as possible.

An excellent way to do so is by installing pattern iron doors that complement the house’s colors. Iron doors are available in a wide range of small and intricate details. Furthermore, you can always choose a design and customize the door according to it to add a personal touch to the doors.


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