Does My Home Need Custom Iron Doors?


Pinky’s Iron Doors prides itself on offering some of the most versatile, well-designed, and well-made iron doors to our clients. Alongside a wide range of options for you to choose from, we also have various custom-made doors and options too.

The customization goes from minor adjustments, size changes, and other alterations all the way to custom designs that will be tailor-made for your home. But when do you actually need a custom or specially ordered door for your home? Here are some likely scenarios:

You require a temperature control door

For homeowners living in particularly cold climates and cities, it can be difficult to settle for just about any generic home feature. Energy bills, heating costs, and other issues can be a cause for concern, but this is where our custom, thermally broken doors come in. Made with our breakthrough technology, these doors help regulate indoor temperatures and give you better thermal support.

You like a design that’s no longer available

This tends to happen often when stocks run out, or designs are outdated. You may come across a style that's no longer available and request it be specially made for you. We'd be happy to recreate and deliver any of our beautiful steel French doors, iron patio doors and more!


You’re dealing with an odd-sized doorway

Sometimes this might happen, and that's okay! Odd-sized doorways are common in homes that have been pre-constructed or were en vogue at the time. You can request non-standard measurements and have the door adjusted to your doorway, going larger, smaller, wider, higher, or narrower than average. Sometimes you may want a double-sized door for a single-sized space, and we can figure that out too.

You require a special type of door or window

Apart from temperature control doors, you may require a specific type of iron or steel door or window option, such as our classic Pivot door, which is only made to order. This unique door moves in a 360-degree direction and is ideal for patios, poolsides, backyards, and as an interior door.

If you require a door because of one of the aforementioned reasons, or otherwise, we’re more than happy to help! Get in touch with us for custom iron doors, steel doors, and other accessories available for delivery across multiple states!


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