Earvin “Magic” Johnson & Pinky’s Iron Doors

Retired Professional Basketball Player from the Los Angeles Lakers Earvin “Magic” Johnson became a household name in the early 80’s as an American professional basketball player for the Lakers. His career achievements include three NBA MVP Awards, nine NBA Finals appearances and twelve All-Star Games. He remains as a popular icon for being a great athlete, philanthropist, media figure, entrepreneur and motivational speaker.


Arin, co-owner of Pinky’s Iron Doors, pictured with Magic Johnson as a little boy, wearing his “Dream Team” T-shirt moments after getting Magics autograph.



Having Magic Johnson as our client, we knew that we had to step up our game. For the main staircase, we were presented with a design of circular rings, varying in sizes, flowing fluidly down the steps. More than 1,000 rings were each individually hand polished and cleaned to ensure perfection. Then, we carefully welded each and every circle together, piece-by-piece, to guarantee that there were not unpleasant weld marks.


Arin, co-owner of Pinky’s Iron Doors, reunites with his childhood hero twenty years later to create Magic’s dream iron works project.



For an athlete who constantly inspires people and for a man who continuously gives back to his community, we want to make sure that our job reflects Mr. Johnson’s generosity and contributions. Here at Pinky’s Iron Doors, we aim to treat all customers with respect and enthusiasm, ultimately delivering quality iron doors to make them feel like a true MVP.