Easy Ways to Maintain Your Iron Doors with Iron Spray

When it comes to front entry doors, iron doors have become the most prominent choice of them all. And why shouldn’t they? Iron doors are elegant; they increase the value of your home and add to the curb appeal in the best manner possible.

However, to keep them looking this gorgeous, it’s important to give your iron doors the proper love and care they demand and also deserve. Unlike other doors, iron doors aren’t high maintenance or very demanding. They require very simple up keep. However, with these hacks, your iron door maintenance journey will become even easier than it already is.

Iron Door Sprays

Iron doors have sprays that shield them from harmful substances and extend the door's life. Pinky’s iron door spray is a unique spray that has the least number of chemicals. The highly used ingredient in the spray is water itself that’s mixed with essential chemicals that protect your door from rust and give it the shine it deserves all year round.

Dusting it Regularly

Regularly dusting your iron door cleans debris, keeping it in its original shape. As with anything, maintenance is essential for the longevity of your iron door.

If you notice that the shine of your front iron door is fading and it doesn’t look like when you got it, it’s a clear reminder that the door requires you to dust it with a dry clean cloth regularly. Gently wipe off the surface, and the dust particles will go away.

Create a Barrier Between Moisture and Your Iron Doors

One of the most apparent and everlasting issues of iron doors is that they attract moisture. It’s not like the doors choose to do so, but the door’s material is such that moisture stays on them for a long time.

You should know about iron doors that when there’s water and iron, you’ll soon experience rust. If water stays on the surface for a long time, it may cause the hinges to rust and not be smooth anymore. That, in turn, leads to a squeaky noise, which is annoying. Ensure to keep water as far away from the iron door as possible and dry it as soon as you notice there’s water on the surface.

Don’t Forget Media Blasting

Keeping your iron doors looking brand new requires you to take care of them. The paint on the iron door can chip away over time, giving the door an imperfect appearance. With the help of media blasting, you can instantly remove chipped paint and multiple other imperfections from your iron door. Media blasting will renew your iron door, making it look just the way you got it on your first day.

Get Your New Iron Door Today!

If your iron door is too old or beyond repair, then it’s time to invest in a new iron door today! And no one’s better at this job than Pinky’s Iron Doors. Pinky’s offers a wide collection of steel and iron doors all around the US. Our website features a vast collection of ready-to-install iron and steel doors along with custom-iron door services.

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