Five Interior Design Trends Coming in 2021

Just like so many of you, PINKYS is looking forward to revitalizing and resetting in 2021. With 2020 being a year filled with so much stagnation and chaos, one would expect 2021—at least from an aesthetic standpoint—to be a year of feng shui, organization, warmth, sustainability, high-end Zen design, and modernized comfort.

We studied what the experts in home-decorating had to say. Here’s a list of trends in home décor that are going to be both in and out in 2021.

Old Farm Kitchen and Plants

1. OUT: Barn Doors

According to Kelley Mason at Lulu and Georgia (as per Forbes), the “modern farmhouse” aesthetic has exhausted itself. So, as part of the decline in farmhouse chic, barn doors—a trend in the mid-aughts—are becoming increasingly passe and dated. Pocket doors and industrialized French doors—hand-forged iron doors—with large panes of glass are becoming more and more popular, especially in apartments and suburban homes.

Industrial Doors and Rustic Tables

2. IN: Industrial Chic

With farmhouse designs going away—based on a report from Insider—interior designers are expected to push towards more industrial designs (stonework, steel doors, windows, and high ceilings), which have been transitioning from the workspace to the home for at least a decade. PINKYS expects barn doors, for example, to be replaced with steel and iron doors with dual-paned windows, black frames, and tempered glass—modern yet classic

Office Kitchen Table

3. IN: Home Offices are the Future

With more and more people working from home in 2020, and many experts predicting the trend to become the “new normal,” one would expect the home office to now become more than just an office: a unique combination of feng shui living space, customized steel cubicle, on-brand presentation, cozy conference room, children’s classroom, and more therapeutic space that’s uncluttered and minimalistic.

4. OUT: Open-Floor Plans

With homes becoming more “pandemic-proof,” a lot of experts in home décor are predicting a decline in open-floor plans in everything from apartments to homes to office spaces—as privacy, health, and coziness become prioritized. According to Justina Blakeney, founder of Jungalow, as first reported in Forbes, “rooms with doors, windows, and some privacy will make a reappearance.”

Kitchen table with Mountain View

5. IN: Comfort Colors

According to a report in Architectural Digest, 2021 designers are going to lean into colors that provide stress relief with warmer, soothing, and natural tones that lend themselves to a brightly lit sanctuary vibes and escapism. Pantone predicts sunshine-tinged yellow as a contrast to gray tones that are symbolic of resilience and hand-forged perseverance steel. 30 trend experts at PPG predicted a “warm palette” which includes blends of brown sugar, beige, ginger orange, and soft, muted and aquamarine tones that seem to agree with Behr’s prediction of “rustic vogue” tones that evoke the modernized cottages of a post-pandemic world.

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