French Iron Door Styles That Add to the Aesthetics of Your Contemporary Home in West Lake Hills

French doors have been a part of homes since the late 16th century. Over time, the design has been adapted to the latest trends in the home industry to keep it up-to-date.

From exterior to interior, the door you choose can say a lot about you. Besides the basic duties a door fulfills, it also plays an integral part in the aesthetical appeal of your home.

That’s why we have come up with a detailed guide to help you find a French iron door that fits your needs perfectly. These designs can make a tremendous difference in your contemporary home in West Lake Hills:

Sliding French Iron Doors

We like to offer our customers traditional designs in unique styles. Where typical French doors open in a swing style, our sliding French iron doors steal the show with their effortless design.

We have a vast range of sliding French iron doors that can fit in every corner of your West Late Hills home. Install them as patio doors or use them to zone your living area, these sliding doors can be used anywhere in the house.

Bi-fold French Iron Doors

Spruce up the look of your dining room by replacing the old standard swing door with a bi-fold French iron door. Unlike swing and sliding doors, our bi-fold French iron doors are lightweight and interconnected, using strong hinges for swift opening and closing.

Our clients have the option to choose from a three-panel bi-fold French iron door or a four. For larger areas that are mostly a wall replacement, we make customized bi-fold French iron doors that consist of 5 panels or more. These doors allows homeowners to enjoy more space, let more sunlight into your home, and are high on the chic factor.

French Pocket Iron Doors

French pocket iron doors offer supreme elegance. Rather than sliding on the wall or folding onto the other door, our French pocket iron doors elegantly slide into the wall for a concealed look.

When closed, it’s as if they aren’t even there. You might have also heard of them as “interior pocket” doors and are perfect for small to mid-sized homes.

Custom French Iron Door

While each of these French doors delivers nothing but elegance and sophistication, if you think something is missing, get in touch with us to create your very own custom French iron door.

French iron doors have been our hottest selling item for the longest time. Due to their timeless design, these doors can be used anywhere around the house. Based on the use you intend to reap out of your French iron door, make sure you choose the right style.

Contact the experts at Pinky’s Iron Doors to help you decide. The extensive industry exposure has enabled us to offer creative solutions for our clients. We can create entry doors, patio doors, office doors, and even pantry doors to your liking.

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