From Wood to Steel: Why Make the Transition?

Your home’s doors should look attractive, be long-lasting and provide protection against wind, sunlight and rain. While both steel doors and wooden doors are solid and durable choices, the former clearly outperforms the latter when it comes to fireproofing, soundproofing and other features. While choosing an exterior door for your home, here’s why you should make the transition from wood to steel:

Steel doors require minimal maintenance and fewer repairs

While wooden doors can be easily affected by weather changes, steel’s natural ability to retain its physical shape makes it a beast in the field. Because steel doors don’t dent or break quickly, their superior performance provides an economical advantage. After replacing your front door with a steel outfit, you wouldn’t have to worry about frequent maintenance and changes.

Furthermore, faulty steel doors can be repaired in the field with simple procedures like re-welding and body filers, significantly lowering the cost of repair. So, when it comes to maintenance and repair, a steel outfit is your best bet.

Steel doors offer water and tornado resistance

The FEMA 361 and ICC 500 tornado tests are devised by US Department of Homeland Security to assess standard doors’ performance during natural disasters. When steel doors and wooden doors were tested according to the stringent criteria, only the former passed the test. So, steel is the only material that can protect your family against tornadoes until help arrives.

Furthermore, during heavy rain and flooding, stainless steel is again the only material that offers corrosion and water-resistance. If you live in a high-salt environment, wood can degrade quickly in the moisture while a steel door can withstand the harsh atmosphere.

Steel has superior sanitization properties

While the custom seamless edge of steel doors make it easy to sanitize and clean the outfit, wooden doors are difficult to disinfect thoroughly due to their naturally porous nature. During the current health crisis, ensuring your home’s sanitary environment is crucial is keeping your family safe and healthy. So, steel sliding doors and pocket steel doors are not only aesthetically pleasing outfits, they’re more sanitary than your old wooden doors.

Steels doors are affordable and efficient

As compared to high-quality wooden doors, steel doors are more affordable. Although you may find low-end wooden doors that are comparable in price. However, these cheap wooden outfits would perform poorly and may not last as long as their steel counterparts. Furthermore, due to their higher insulating values, steel doors are more energy-efficient that wooden doors and can maintain the temperature inside your building. Just make sure that your steel outfits have a tight-fitting frame and are installed properly.

Steel doors are more secure

The SD-STD-01.01 test carried out by the renowned testing service, National Technical Systems (NTS), revealed that when it comes to forced entry, steel doors offer more resistance than wooden and aluminum doors. This means that a black steel iron door is an excellent addition to your home as it provides greater security than other standard doors.

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