Functional Upgrades to Make During a Remodel

It’s tempting to stick with making aesthetically pleasing upgrades when you’re remodeling your home, but that’s a big mistake if you there’s potential for better functionality. Home remodeling is for you and your family, but it’s also part of a larger life cycle your home undergoes that keeps its market value up.

That’s why there are some functional renovation ideas you should consider before you get too far ahead with your interior design dreams. Starting from the way your bathrooms are built all the way to getting wrought iron entry doors; here are our top picks for functional upgrades you must make. 

Get to the Hole in the Wall First

Okay, we exaggerated a little — there usually isn’t a hole in the wall when you start your remodel, but the basic metaphor stands. If there are any basic issues with your home that could cause a huge problem, they have to take precedence.

This means the wiring, plumbing, foundation, and siding need to be looked at and assessed by your contractor and if he feels that there are issues with any of these, that’s what you should focus on first. These components are the basic operational systems in your house and cannot be set aside for anything else.

Ultimate 2020 Update: Energy Efficiency

In 2020, there’s one kind of upgrade you must make: energy efficient home additions. With the clear effects of climate change and global warming, many state governments have added incentives and financing programs for energy efficient measure in residential properties.

This can include getting smart thermostats, energy efficient cooling and heating appliances and even creating better insulation in your home via polyurethane coated black steel windows or iron doors

Curb Appeal is Utilitarian

You may not really think of it as such but adding to your curb appeal is definitely part of your home’s functionality.

Updating your garage door, investing in landscaping, fixing that annoying front porch step and adding a custom wrought iron door with transoms and sidelights for your entryway should spruce up your house front immediately and add to the real estate market value immensely.

The Golden Duo: Bathrooms and Kitchen

You can never go wrong with redoing your kitchen and bathrooms. Not only are these some of the most often used rooms in the house, a modern kitchen or bathroom adds real estate value to your home.

This means ensuring a functional water temperature control system, sleek design and efficient plumbing. Throw in a sliding steel door for the aesthetic and you have a kitchen or bathroom that feels luxurious!

Wrought Iron and Black Steel Doors

Adding wrought iron doors or black residential steel doors can be both a functional and an aesthetic remodel upgrade. With our premier pre-made and custom wrought iron doors, your entry way will look extravagant and add value.

With matching steel doors for your interior, you can keep the theme consistent. However, at Pinky’s Iron Doors, we give you more than aesthetic. Our hinges, material, insulation and glass choice is all geared towards providing durable and long lasting doors that provide value for money.

You can look at options for affordable iron doors on our website, including pocket steel doors, iron French doors, factory-style steel doors and more!

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