Furnish Your Home With Versatile Double Entry Doors

The front door of a house doesn't only protect the inside from severe weather elements. It's also a:
  • Distinctive mirror of your interior

  • Depiction of your style

  • Proof of your sophisticated taste

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A front door's the first thing your guests see when they visit your home and their last as they bid their goodbyes.

For that very reason, a front door needs to be your abode's memorable statement piece.

The most effective way to guarantee your front door leaves an impression is by incorporating double doors. Double doors are imposing but inviting, lending just enough charm to your home while keeping it classy.

Yet, even when you're set on the type, choosing a front door can be quite a challenge. There are many aspects to consider, starting from the materials and styles to how the door will fit with the rest of your exterior and interior.

Allow us to share our expertise and ensure you have enough knowledge to put all home designers to shame.

What Exactly Is a Double Entry Door?

"Two identical doors side-by-side." That's how most people would describe this door type. But there's more to this sophisticated door than that.

Double doors come with various swing types to accommodate your needs. They're made of materials with different performances. They can be flat at the top, with a mini arch or semi-arch. You can purchase them in various sizes, colors, styles, and designs. Or decorate them with sidelights and transoms to make them appear more expansive and allow additional light inside.

Double doors have two slabs inside one door frame and swing in your desired direction. But you can fix one side with a latch when you don't need dual access. Due to this feature, people often use them interchangeably with other door types that serve double duty – like French and double Dutch doors.

French doors were originally imagined as windows, making them less common as front doors and a more desirable option as patio or balcony entrances today. As for double Dutch doors – they can be split in half and only open the top part while the bottom stays closed. That isn't a feature present in regular double doors.

What's the Standard Double Front Doors Size?

Your ideal front door size heavily depends on your exterior wall and entryway space. Residential buildings typically don't have to comply with door requirements. But according to the International Building Code and the Americans with Disabilities Act, the minimum width of your front door should be 36 inches, while the height should ideally be at least 80 inches.

Interior doors should satisfy the same standards, but most homes have various rooms of different sizes that can't fit a large door frame. For example, a small room like a pantry or a basement with a low ceiling can't utilize wide entrances.

On the other hand, front door thickness usually falls at one-and-three-quarter inches regardless of the remaining factors. It's enough to provide ultimate security against severe weather conditions.

Still, we don't advise blindly following this standard. Each home has unique needs. So, grab the measuring tape before choosing your dream door to calculate the optimal size of your entry and avoid costly mistakes.

What Material Is Used For a Double Door Frame?

Double front doors come in diverse materials. They give your exterior different impressions and suit various aesthetics. Moreover, they protect your family and interior against harsh climates. But only to varying degrees.

In addition to their looks and performance, you must consider maintenance requirements, energy efficiency, cost, and other factors each door material entails.

Wood Front Doors

Wood – a traditional front door material that gives your home a classic look. Wooden doors can be crafted with various colors, stains, engravings, and glass inserts to accommodate more modern home styles as well as rustic, cottage-like aesthetics. Premium woods like mahogany especially add to the sophistication of your home and flatter the red and pink shades of the Californian sunsets.

Made from organic materials, wood double front doors are naturally energy-efficient and insulating. Unfortunately, their natural properties also make them prone to damage from direct sunlight, prolonged moisture, humidity, and pests. All of which require regular and thorough upkeep.

Fiberglass Front Doors

Fiberglass boasts many features that wood fails to deliver. In terms of performance and maintenance, fiberglass offers unparalleled results. It's dent- and scratch-resistant, fireproof, and can effortlessly handle inclement weather.

However, fiberglass front doors might not bring your home the elegance it deserves. They can be made to mimic the appearance of wood, but upon closer inspection, they might look cheap. That ultimately lowers your home's resale value.

Steel Front Doors

Steel double entry doors shine in the entryway of your house and prompt every passerby to do a double take. The design of these doors and style options are endless, making steel one of the more versatile door material choices. When painted with satin or semi-gloss paint, their sleek surface truly makes them stand out from the crowd.

Apart from increasing your house's curb appeal, their sturdiness and durability make them attractive homeowners' choices. Ideally, they last well over 50 years. That being said, maintaining them isn't a drag, either. Occasional repainting is all you need to keep your steel doors in good shape.

Steel's only downside is poor outside heat retention. That isn't ideal under direct sunlight. But with adequate weather stripping, it offers unmatched insulating properties.

Iron Front Doors

Iron double front doors transform your home into an enchanting mansion and add a dramatic touch to the overall feel of your home. You can hang them in the doorway of modern or classic homes, and they'll look equally stunning.

Despite popular belief, wrought iron doors don't necessarily come in black. You can coat them with bronze or silver finishes to add some shine to your exterior. In addition, as iron is quite malleable, you can expect your door to feature intricate ornaments that add interest to your entryway.

Of course, robust iron doors guarantee ultimate protection against severe weather, insulating properties, strength, and longevity.

What Are the Benefits of a Double Entry Door As Opposed to a Single Front Door?

Most homeowners don't even consider the possibility of double entry doors. That's a huge mistake. Double front door owners enjoy a multitude of benefits regardless of their door materials, styles, and designs. But by outlining them in the following sections, we'll let you see that for yourself.

Elevate Your Home's Curb Appeal

After replacing single with double front doors, you'll be struck by the instant change in your home's visual appeal. The doorway will seem larger, brighter, ethereal. The previous single front door will seem absurd compared to your new exterior.

A double entry door exudes a feeling of luxury, abundance, and grandeur. They give your house symmetry and create a regal, prestigious look. But even if your tastes are minimalistic, you'll find a double door to match your aesthetic and uplift your curb appeal.

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Allow More Natural Light

A large hallway hiding behind a small door can look unflattering. In addition, a single door often doesn't invite enough sunlight inside. Too many light fixtures that have to stay on most of the day can make your entryway gloomy. No natural light also prevents you from incorporating flowers into your interior decorations.

With double entry doors, this won't be a problem.

Regardless of the glass panel size or treatment, double doors still let more golden sun rays into your home. What's more, if you have iron ornaments or similar features across your door windows, you'll have entertaining and captivating shapes and shadows entering your hallway – giving your interior additional charm.

Amplify Interior Access

If you've freshly moved into your new home, you've most likely recognized the importance of double front doors. Aside from the enhanced exterior, easier access is another reason people opt for double doors.

A small entryway can be a real headache when pushing your large sofa or bed inside the house. Double doors solve that obstacle without a hitch. Just unlatch the second slab and easily carry your furniture and house appliances.

A double front door provides smooth traffic flow for homeowners who love hosting parties and gatherings for family, friends, or work colleagues. You can welcome new arrivals while having enough room for other guests to walk in and out.

PINKYS Iron Double Entry Doors Black with Glass Panel in Living Room

Give You More Decoration Ideas

A more elaborate doorway doesn't only open possibilities for interior plants and flowers. With more space to work with, your imagination will run wild. With the out swing, you'll be able to hang nice curtains or shades on the inside. If you're not fond of window treatments, you can choose between various glass options like frosted, aquatex, and watercube.

Even seasonal or celebration decorations look more attractive with spacious front doors. Double doors already appear more welcoming and neighborly. Use that to your advantage and upgrade your exterior even further.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Double Front Doors

Like all interior and exterior house projects, double doors also come with things to consider before you undertake their installation. They're not necessarily downsides, but you should keep them in mind regardless.

For one, switching from single to double front doors can last and require more time and patience than you've anticipated. Summer months are, therefore, the best time for this project.

Another consideration worth mentioning is that if you have a small interior or exterior wall, a big door frame might not fit how you want it to – or might not fit at all.

Before you decide to install double front doors, consult a professional and let them inspect your entryway to verify project feasibility.

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Should You Place Double Doors Inside the House?

The answer to whether double doors look amazing inside your home is – absolutely! Incorporating elegant steel doors in your living area would make every interior designer roar with approval.

The dining area, bedroom, and living room are only some of the viable double door placements. A favorable aspect of these doors is that they can double as windows. Install them as your patio or balcony entrance to enjoy the landscape of your city or backyard with zero obstruction.

But while double doors can upgrade the overall look of your interior, they occupy a significant portion of your limited wall space. You need to know how to organize the rest of it.

Interior Furnishing Tips to Complement a Double Door

Most people opt for more extravagant and ornate front door styles to upgrade their dull exterior. But while busy doors might look exquisite outside, the interior can become too crowded.

Switching from single to double doors often calls for remodeling. That includes double doors installed to break up living spaces inside your house, too.

Fortunately, retouching your interior after adding double doors isn't difficult. It can actually be a creative and rewarding experience.

Decorating the Entryway With Double Entry Doors

Since a double door already occupies plenty of your wall space, you won't require an entire gallery wall. A frame or two can be enough to make an impression on your visitors as soon as they enter your home. If you do have a large empty wall, create a unique gallery wall by using mirrors, hats, clocks, and other items rather than paintings.

You should also include a small chair and a table with everyday items you need before going out – just not too close to the door so you don't conceal its beauty.

Additionally, introduce an elegant threshold mat to protect your floors from outside dirt and moisture. Note that with double entry doors, it might need to be a bit wider.

How to Style a Dining and Living Room With a Double Door

Your dining and living areas are where you, your family, and your guests spend most of their time, so give the design a considerable amount of thought. Especially when adding a double door to separate these two areas or to lead to a patio.

Create a new color palette that complements the door frame and match the locks and hinges to the rest of the hardware in the room (table legs, cupboard handles, etc.). If your living room has a fireplace close to the door, ensure that you choose the swing type that doesn't open inside the room.

Rearrange the furniture in the same way – away from the door – and be mindful of where to put the carpet. Layering colorful and patterned carpets is one of the best ways to generate interest in a living space with simple double doors. But ensure that it doesn't restrict door opening.

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Decorating Ideas For Bedroom With Double Doors

While you might want ultimate privacy for your bedroom and pass on double doors with glass panels as an entrance, they can be a wondrous exit to a balcony.

The easiest way to style your bedroom to complement intricate double doors is by:

  • Swapping regular cushions with throw pillows

  • Adding simple-colored blankets

  • Hanging a flowy canopy over your bed

With minimalistic doors, you can have fun with the rest of the room. Pillows, plants, and rugs with multiple colors and patterns should be the focal point of your bedroom in this case.

Not many visitors generally enter your bedroom, so it's vital to decorate it to your tastes. Make it cozy and calming for a peaceful sleep. You can also hang curtains to filter out light at night and early morning.

How Double Doors Fit Into a Bathroom

Bathrooms are places that should retain the most privacy. Rarely does anyone consider putting large glass doors in these spots. But adding large double doors in a luxurious bathroom makes your house layout more intriguing.

Combine double doors with opaque blinds or curtains for privacy. Captivating textures, colors, and patterns look breathtaking in bathrooms with cold hues. If you prefer keeping the rest simple, paint the floor a statement color.

You can also opt for reflective glass that lets you see out but not in. Other privacy glass types won't let you see much of the outside, but they'll invite plenty of natural light to make your morning showers count.

Add Charm to Your Interior or Exterior With PINKYS Double Entry Doors

Hopefully, you've grasped everything you need to know about double doors and how they fit into your home by now. The next step is looking at the available options. Unsure what your first step should be? We at PINKYS invite you to view our vast selection of steel and iron doors.

Here, you can find equally modern and breathtaking double doors for both interior and exterior applications. They're sturdy. Durable. And instantly enhance your curb appeal. With various sizes and swing types, we try extra hard to fit your unique needs.

All PINKYS doors feature high-grade materials and superior-quality glass panels. You can opt for low-E glass for an unobstructed street view or ensure privacy with glass types like sandblast and ribbed glass.

Visit PINKYS online store and get in touch once you find the ideal doorway option for your home.

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