Gorgeous Patio Ideas in Austin that Incorporate Steel Doors

Patio doors aren’t just an access point into your home but a critical element of any Texas home’s overall design. The right patio door can enhance your interior’s appearance and make outdoor living more enjoyable, so it pays to think about the decision before you install one.

When choosing steel doors for your Austin home, you need to keep in mind functionality, current design trends, and your own spatial requirements. Here’s some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Go big with expansive doors

If you have a wide outdoor space lined with gorgeous greens, then large expansive doors that door as windows can work beautifully. Let the outdoors become your walls and infuse greenery into your interior effortlessly. If you’re a little concerned about overheating, consider recessing the doors and ensure south-facing elevation for best results.

2. Or keep it classic with Crittall-style

Crittall-style doors
feature steel panels that add structure to the door and create definition through sleek, straight lines. Our wide range of Crittall black steel doors include single steel doors, double steel doors, arched steel doors, and flat-top steel doors to meet any size and space requirements perfectly.

3. Incorporate industrial with bi-fold doors

Industrial interiors have made a huge comeback and are very popular among homeowners and interior designers in Austin. Bi-fold doors allow seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces to create an expansive feel. Open these doors when you want to enjoy the cool, outdoor breeze or when you want to create more space for a fun backyard party.

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