Hollywood Landmark We Love

Hollywood Landmark We Love: Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood, California

With the Pinky’s Iron Doors headquarters located in the heart of Los Angeles, our team of designers and creative minds are surrounded by constant inspiration. The Pinky’s Iron Doors collection of previously and carefully handcrafted iron doors, iron windows, door hardware, and accessories are dreamed and designed with various muses in mind.  We are fortunate enough to drive passed inspiring sights and landmarks on our way to work each day. With the glistening city of Hollywood as our neighbor, many of the entertainment studios and trendy buildings have enthused our vision for our inventory of high quality iron doors.

The iconic Paramount Pictures studios located on Melrose Avenue in the social center of the City of Angels is definitely a Hollywood landmark. The gorgeous studios at Paramount add to the scenic drive Hollywood offers. At Pinky’s Iron Doors, this property holds a special place on our vision boards that inspire our various iron door designs. We love the luxurious design of the exterior of this property. Merely driving by has the power to spark the imagination of passerbys.


A lot of cinematic magic happens beyond the studio’s glorious iron gates


Paramount has been responsible for many of our favorite and most recognizable films throughout history. Some noteworthy pictures include Indiana Jones, The Godfather, Star Trek, and Mission: Impossible, just to name a few. A lot of cinematic magic happens beyond the studio’s glorious iron gates.




Of course, one of our favorite details about this legendary property is its custom iron transoms and majestic iron gates that beautifully border the Paramount signage and adorn the grand arches of the property. We love the gorgeous and detailed iron scrollwork featured within the epic Paramount iron gate and iron transoms. The contrast between the delicate iron transoms and heavier gate design adds to the aesthetic appeal of the Hollywood landmark, while highlighting the security of the infamous studios. 

Many of our iron door and transom designs have been inspired by the architecture and stunning iron work of famous properties including the Paramount Pictures Studios. Some of our iron door designs that pay homage to the luxurious scrollwork of paramount are the New York, San Francisco, Beverly, and Miracle designs. Our high quality iron transoms that also feature grand scrollwork are the Cedar and Star transom designs. These iron transoms reflect the fusion of clean linear elements that perfectly correspond with organic accents and regal scrollwork.


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