Home Décor Trends That are Here to Stay

Home décor keeps evolving as time goes by and it can be tricky upgrading your house in a way that doesn’t fall out of style within a year. After all, renovations can cost a lot. Today, we discuss some of the best home décor ideas that are here to stay for quite a while, including the inclusion of iron doors at your entrance.


A Touch of Nature

In an ever-urbanizing environment, it’s important to get back to roots and add a bit of nature to your daily life. This doesn’t have to mean that you begin keeping plants with you, especially if you lack a green thumb. Nothing looks good about dead plants at an entrance. What this can mean is incorporation of nature-inspired elements into your house.

Using earthy tones to balance out the sleek look of modernization, or incorporating design elements that have an organic shape rather than extremely geometric ones can be a big help. Floral elements are also a classic that have stayed relevant for literal centuries, and can still brighten up a living space with ease.

Art Deco

Art Deco is a style that was at its most prominent in the 1920s, and now a full century later it’s back in the 2020s! It’s a style that mixes really well with the somewhat minimalistic design that has been around for most of the 21st century.

Art Deco incorporates bold colors and thick outlines, but then presents it in minimal, mirrored patterns. This first right in with the style of modern architecture, and is the perfect look to tie together the past and the present into a singular look.


Iron Framed Doors

Wooden doors have gotten old and boring at this point. Rather than a statement, it’s an expectation to see a wooden door. However, iron doors illicit a wowed reaction from anyone who sees it. For more modern houses, iron doors or wrought iron doors often come as the frame of a door with the option to add glazed or clear glass panels inside of the frame’s design. These doors are new, they’re unique, and they stand out as a must-have for anyone looking to upgrade their home’s look.

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