Home Upgrade Alert: Black Steel Windows in Quirky Places

In today’s day and age, when just about every kind of interior design concept has been done already, it can be hard to find inspiration for some unique elements in your home. The key here is to think outside the box with the choices you make for your home.

Black steel windows are one such design element that’s versatile and innocuous enough to be added to any kind of location. The question is, how willing are you to use them to their full potential?

You can rest assured, however, that no matter where you install our exterior steel windows, you won’t suffer a drop in insulation or have to deal with another fixture that’s degrading far too quickly. Our steel windows are insulated with polyurethane and built to be just as sturdy as our doors.

Bathroom Views

We’re starting you off strong! Although having bathroom windows can seem invasive and strange, we highly recommend adding them. You don’t have to create multiple window openings, even one small pane will let the light and fresh air in!

To prevent a Peeping Tom situation, we recommend getting windows with Low-E glass and some stylish and minimal blinds for extra safety. However, having a window in your bathroom will upgrade the room’s look completely!

The view of a room with a rug, tables, cacti and other fixtures including a room divider from Pinky’s Iron Doors interior steel door collection.

Room Dividers

Now, these aren’t technically windows, but our room dividers, in combination with our pocket steel doors or barn doors can function beautifully to create a divider between two rooms without enclosing the space too much.

What you’ll end up with is a window — into your own house. This is a brilliant tool for a small child’s nursery or playroom, to let you keep an eye on your kids without having to hover like a helicopter parent.

Kitchen Windows to the Backyard

What could be better than having a kitchen window overlooking your patio or backyard? Just because you’re stuck indoors cooking or washing dishes doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the view outside.

We definitely recommend our steel windows for your kitchen, for the cooler days when you can release some of the cooking heat by opening the windows. If you’re not sold yet, imagine yourself enjoying a bracing cup of freshly brewed coffee every morning before it’s noisy and sunny as you gaze at your crisp, cool lawn outside. That should be reason enough!

Walls as Windows

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, when we say windows of all sizes and types, we’re not joking. You can create an entire wall of glass using double or triple casement windows in combination with our sidelights, transoms, clerestory options, and fixed steel windows.

The wall adjacent to your patio or backyard would be perfect for this purpose. Add a plain single iron patio door or sliding steel doors in combination with the Euroline steel window options we discussed, and you can essentially open up your home’s interior to infinite light and air.

The options are clearly endless, as long as you work with us to create the exact vision you have. We create all kinds of custom steel frame windows and doors, to suit your preferences. Check out our online store here, and who knows? You may even fall in love with one of our wrought iron entry doors, black steel French doors, or urban doors.


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