How Iron Doors Enhance Your Front Door Security

Research shows that property crime is much more common than violent crime in the United States. There are over 2.5 million burglaries a year, and more than 66 percent of them are home break-ins.

When people think of enhancing their home’s security, upgrading the front door seldom comes to mind—but here’s the kicker: 34 percent of these burglars enter the property using the front door!

That’s right—it’s not your window or the garage door that you need to worry about (although those are common points of entry targeted by burglars too); it’s your front door that ultimately keeps your house safe and secure.

This is where iron doors come in. Here are a few signs your front door may not be secure and how replacing them with iron doors can make your home safe.


4 Signs That Your Front Door Isn’t Secure

Don’t let your front door compromise your home’s security. Look for these signs to assess whether your front door is up to the mark.

  • Is there a noticeable gap on the side of the deadbolt? If you can see some light coming through the gap and notice that the deadbolt doesn’t go deep into the jamb, that’s how you know that anyone can pop open your door with the right tools.
  • If your door frame is rotting or damaged, a burglar can simply push your door in without worrying about breaking the lock.
  • If your front door is a hollow-core door instead of a solid core door, it’s weaker and can be easily broken through.
  • If your front door doesn’t have a deadbolt and has a combo lock and doorknob instead, burglars can easily pick it or slide something in between the jamb and the door to open it.

Improving Front Door Security with Iron Doors

Upgrading to wrought iron doors is a sure-fire way to improve your home’s security and deter break-ins and burglaries. Wrought iron doors have a solid core, and their locks are harder to pick, making them the ideal choice for your home.

Here are all the reasons why you should opt for wrought iron doors to improve your home’s security:

  • Wrought iron doors provide superior visibility due to the glass features on the door that let you look at the outside from the inside. This means that most burglars aren’t going to target homes with wrought iron doors out of fear of getting caught if someone catches a glimpse of them from the inside.
  • The ornamental scrollwork and the intricate design of the wrought iron doors serve more than just an aesthetic purpose. The scrollwork functions as an added layer of security, much like the iron bars you may install on your windows.
  • Wrought iron doors are stronger than wood and fiberglass. With their solid core, they have more strength and make it harder to be broken into.
  • Iron doors come equipped with a locking mechanism embedded within the door itself, making it hard for intruders to pick and disassemble the lock.


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