How Iron Front Doors Complement New Mexico’s Pueblo Revival Architectural Style


New Mexico is famous for its distinct architecture. A typical New Mexican neighborhood is easily identified because of the Pueblo Revival architectural style they tend to follow. Whether you go to Santa Fe or Albuquerque, this style will be seen all across.

It’s famous for its earthy tones, thick walls, rounded edges, and exposed vigas that give the houses a traditional, Southwestern appearance. The Pueblo revival architectural style is a mix of modern aesthetics and traditional Latin American architecture.

Most houses around the state now use iron front doors to complement this architectural style. Here’s how iron doors are the perfect addition to the exterior of such houses.

Striking Color Contrast

Pueblo revival architecture is famous for its use of sand and other natural materials. This is why the exterior of houses that follow this architectural style tends to be in the earthy tones. You’ll mostly see light, sand-colored homes with hand-plastered walls that look a lot like houses in Latin American villages.

These earthy colors paired with the dark shades of iron front doors create a striking contrast between the two. This contrast is especially great at increasing the curb appeal of the house and making each element of the home’s exterior stand out.

Symmetry amidst Asymmetry

With curvy edges and asymmetrical walls, pueblo style architecture is rather unique in its appearance. Amidst all of its asymmetry, the iron doors offer a symmetric element to the overall design. Whether it’s a simple flat door or an arched one, it stands out with the other design elements.

Contemporary meets Classic

Many houses in the state are now going for Pueblo revival architectural style. That’s because this style is a perfect fusion of classic and contemporary design elements. Its minimalistic nature gives it a modern look while it’s also considered a redefined traditional design.

Iron front doors are the perfect addition to this modern and traditional juxtaposition. Their timeless nature adds to the classic theme while their clean and minimal look defines the modern aesthetics.


Intricate Designs Give Substance to the Architecture

Iron front doors often have intricate designs in floral and geometrical patterns. These designs add substance to the simple minimalistic appearance of Pueblo architecture. The designs of the dark iron door stand out against the plain, earthy walls, and give the exterior some added flair and personality. 

Get the Perfect Iron Front Door for your House from Pinky’s Iron Doors

The perfect iron front door can increase the curb appeal of your house and make it stand out in the whole neighborhood. With the right iron front door, you can complement the Pueblo revival theme of your home’s exterior and achieve a minimalistic, modern appearance.

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