How to Achieve a Contemporary Interior in Your Brand New Portland House

Portland has an offbeat yet welcoming vibe to it. The city is a popular tourist attraction because of its amazing combination of the city scape and natural beauty. You'll find a wide variety of architecture around the city, from classic to contemporary. You'll also find architecture where classic meets contemporary in a beautiful juxtaposition.

Their interior is also carefully put together and adds even more character to the building. Nowadays, more people are leaning towards modern interior themes to give their houses a minimalistic yet beautiful appearance.

Common Characteristics of Contemporary Interior Design

Modern interior design is all about beauty that lies in simplicity. Here are some key characteristics of contemporary interior design that you'll find across the board.


Houses that follow a modern theme find their roots in minimalism. You won't find extravagant designs, flashy color palettes, or unnecessary elements in the house. Instead, the interior will focus on keeping the space open and clean. All clutter is minimized, and you'll only see no-fuss items around the house.  


Monochromes and Neutrals

Modern interior design largely relies on neutral color palettes and monochromes. Bright colors, if used, are scattered and sporadically used to give the space a pop of color. This theme relies on the mantra of "less is more, " which is quite evident from the color scheme.

Plenty of Natural Light

Natural light flows in seamlessly through the modern interior design elements. Everything from doors to curtains are designed to allow maximum flow of sunlight through the day. For this reason, the color palette is also chosen carefully so that it works well in natural light.

Clean Lines

The furniture, the windows, the doors, and all other design elements in a modern setting have clean, straight lines. You won't see any florals, swirls, or circles in these designs. Instead, you'll find angular items that complement the house's overall minimal and simple design.

How to Give Your House a Modern Look

These elements are common across all contemporary homes. However, they're achieved using specific architectural and interior design elements. If you don't focus on these elements, your theme will come across as confused and poorly put together. Here are some ways to achieve this modern look in your house using contemporary elements.


Get Modern Iron Windows

Since modern interior design relies so heavily on natural lighting, you must ensure that your space has a lot of windows. Simple iron windows are the best type of window you can get for your house.

The linear frame of these windows works well with the clean lines in the rest of your interior, while the neat design gives the house a minimalistic look. The clear glass panels in these windows are also a great source of natural light. With basic maintenance, you can ensure that these windows stay in top condition and keep adding beauty to your house.

Add Exotic Barn Doors

Are you looking for traditional and modern juxtaposition? Barn doors are the perfect way to achieve it! Properly made and polished barn doors are the perfect way to bridge your house's classic and modern elements.

These doors offer both functionality and aesthetic value to a space. Their simple design works well in almost all spaces in a house, including passages. Their sliding feature allows them to take minimal space while their single glass pane complements that modern aesthetic you're aiming for.

Use Minimalistic Office Doors

Iron office doors are a perfect addition to your house! They have a clean, sturdy frame with straight lines and a minimalistic appearance. The glass panels in the door also add to the modern appeal that you're going for. If you want to replace your old wooden doors with a boring design, office doors are the perfect option.

The best part is you can use these doors anywhere in the house (not just in your home office). They can also be a natural light source if you use them wisely.

Get Classic French Doors

French doors are a beautiful mixture of traditional and modern design themes. You can simply add them to any classically themed space to give it a more open and modern appearance. French doors can add a contemporary twist to your house when paired appropriately with other design elements.

French doors have a quiet grandeur that doesn't need extravagance to make an impact. Its beauty lies in its simplicity, making it a great addition to your modern themed house.

Revamp your Bathroom with Shower Doors

Many people tend to ignore the bathrooms in their house when it comes to matching them with the theme of the rest of the house. If your house has a completely modern look, you must alter your traditionally designed bathroom.

Start by changing your old faucet fittings and sink with newer, more modern designs. You can also add useful bath items and decorative pieces like paintings, scented candles, flowers, etc., to your bathroom. You can complete the modern aesthetic by adding a luxurious iron shower door to it.

Shower doors can easily be installed in existing construction without any changes, and they're a great way to give your bathroom a much-needed contemporary flair.


Get Modern Iron Doors at Pinky's Iron Doors

The perfect modern iron doors can take the beauty of your home to the next level and give it a more clean, simple, and minimalistic appearance. The clean design of the modern theme will also work well with the other interior design elements of your house.

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