How to Build the Most Gorgeous Wine Cellar with Iron Doors

Modern, luxurious, and futuristic home interiors have unique features. They’re unpredictable, surprising, and able to woo visitors and guests. But as a homeowner, you may find it difficult to come up with home renovation ideas that can give your property that one missing kick.

Pinky’s Iron Doors is a leading iron and steel doors manufacturer in the US, known for an impeccable product range, immaculate iron and steel door designing capabilities, and customer service. Our products have won millions of hearts nationwide, and we are in the works of continuously adding value and charm to our luxurious iron and steel doors.

Among different iron interior door designs, one of our products gets special attention. Yes, we are talking about our classic wine cellar doors. Let’s talk about how you can incorporate one into your home.


Pick a Spot

When adding anything unique such as a wine cellar door to your home, you need to know that it can be a functional, focal point of your property. And that’s why you need to pick the most suitable, visible, and highlighting spot. A wine cellar can bring definition and class to your property. You can use it to showcase your wine collection while keeping is safe and locked from pets and kids.

Consider factors such as lighting, orientation, and structural units to build as sturdy, and aesthetic wine cellar in your home.

Choose What Kind of Wine Cellar Do You Like?

Wine cellars are very diverse in terms of sizes, designs, and styles. You can opt for a walk-in wine cellar in bigger homes with all your products strategically placed and decorated in categories. You can also go for a simple wine cellar with wall-mounted shelves. Either way, a wine cellar iron doors can be used to highlight the exuberance and elegance of this chic home addition.

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, you can choose from our wide selection of wine cellar iron doors. Some of our top picks include:

  1. June Wine Cellar - Single Arch
  2. San Francisco Wine Cellar - Single Arch - No Threshold
  3. Air Lite Wine Cellar - Single Flat
  4. Air 5 Wine Cellar - Double Flat 


Pinky’s Iron Doors--- Your One-Stop Modern Iron and Steel Doors Seller in the US

From Arizona, Texas, Washington, and Ohio to Nevada, California, and Mississippi, you can get your hands on the most amazing iron and steel doors at Pinky’s Iron Doors. We make high-end iron and steel doors for all types of home interiors. You can choose our products to uplift your home’s patio, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, or any other space.

To learn more about our iron doors in the US, contact us now.

You can also check the inspiration section on our website to get new ideas on how to incorporate steel and iron doors into your home.

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