How To Choose The Perfect Pantry Doors

When we think about door replacements, the pantry doors are definitely not the first doors that pop up in our minds. We usually think about entry doors, patio doors, and other interior doors before getting to the kitchen.

But interestingly, most of us use the pantry doors in our kitchen an awful lot. They are constantly used while cooking and when your kids venture at all odd hours searching for snacks.

Plus, they are a core element in your kitchen’s interior, so choosing the right pantry doors is crucial, especially if you plan to resell the house.

Here’s everything you need to consider.

Make Sure They Blend in With the Kitchen’s Interior

As we mentioned, pantry doors play a huge role in your kitchen’s overall look. This means you need to choose a material, design, and style that blends in with the rest of the kitchen.

We suggest using steel or iron doors. These doors are typically neutral and versatile enough to blend in with all kinds of design themes. Plus, since they’re so minimalistic, you can go all out with other elements like colorful cabinets, fancier lights, and so on.

To make sure everything blends in with steel pantry doors, you can also install steel windows in your kitchen. They’ll help to tie the whole look together.  

Choose the Glass in Pantry Doors Wisely

Another essential thing to consider for your pantry doors is their glass. If you’re installing iron or steel doors, you’ll most likely come across designs with vast expanses of glass.

While clear glass looks beautiful in these steel doors, it’s important to remember that you’re installing them as pantry doors. Pantries can become messy spaces, and if you think your pantry is often in a state you wouldn’t want anyone to see, it’s best to go with frosted or textured glass instead.

Think of Space and Kitchen Layout

Whether you have a large kitchen or a cozy one, you ideally don’t want the pantry door taking up too much swing space on the floor. It’s also bothersome if the door is swinging out and getting in the way while you work.

So, if you’re going to get a single steel door installed, try and ensure that it swings open inwards if your pantry has the space. Or, you could choose sliding steel doors for the pantry—these are much more convenient and stylish anyway.

If you need more ideas, we can help you figure out a custom option.

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we have a stunning collection of iron and steel doors for your home in Texas. From decorative iron doors for the entrance to beautiful steel French doors as your patio doors, we make them all!

Give us a call to discuss this further.


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