How to Create an Authentic Cottage Style Bedroom with Modern Iron Doors in Mississippi?

Cottage bedrooms have gained massive popularity in the last couple of years. It’s mainly because of their attractive, low-key, and laidback appeal that leaves one feeling relaxed and well-rested. And honestly, that’s what bedrooms are for, right?

A bedroom needs to be inviting but, above all, well-designed and comfortable. There must be adequate design accents and features that harmonize with your personal preferences. Among many different bedroom design ideas, today we’re discussing a unique one. Cottage-style bedrooms, AKA cottage bedrooms, are now becoming a fan favorite.

They’re all about low ceilings, light-colored walls, barn-style wall décor, small yet airy windows, and stylish iron doors. Feeling inspired and intrigued?

Continue reading this detailed guide to creating the perfect cottage bedroom that strikes a balance between comfort and luxuriousness.

Opt for Exposed Beams

Cottage bedrooms must have an earthy, raw, and wholesome vibe. And that’s why you should consider exposed beams. This look is also a part of more modern, industrial interior designs. In cottage bedrooms, the exposed beams are usually decorated with patterned fabrics. Choose lint, chintz, or cotton as they are great for temperature control inside bedrooms.

However, you also have to ensure that the patterns complement wall décor, windows, and doors. Iron doors are the most versatile accessory for bedrooms. They can go very well with a cottage-style interior and can actually pull the entire look together.

Add Clever Storage Spaces

Cottage bedrooms offer you a solution to storage issues. In more open-floor layouts, homeowners often find it difficult to create storage spaces as they can lead to a cluttered look. However, in a cottage bedroom, you can actually use up smart spaces for storage. For example, leverage the attic area or the space beneath a sloped ceiling. Add a false storage area behind your bed header for additional space. Moreover, opt for space-saving iron doors in Mississippi. Pinky’s Iron Doors offers barn iron doors that can be a perfect addition to cottage-style interior spaces.


Check out more of our products, like room dividers and sliding iron doors. All of the iron doors by Pinky’s Iron Doors are customizable and can be made according to your room’s size and orientation.

Some of our favorite barn doors for your cottage bedrooms are:

Add Glass Steel Windows

Another key feature that sets cottage bedrooms apart from conventional bedroom designs is natural light abundance. Cottage bedrooms are well-lit, not by artificial lighting but by inviting sunlight in.

To achieve this goal, consider adding modern steel windows to your space. At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we offer steel windows and doors that can improve your home’s aesthetic appeal and make it appear more spacious and brighter. Check out our steel doors in Mississippi now!

Panel As Much As You Like

No, you don’t have to keep all things traditional when creating a cottage bedroom. We strongly recommend modern homeowners take a rugged cottage bedroom design approach. In this interior style, you can opt for modern black steel and iron doors that bring a retro and artistic feel.

This option is for homeowners looking for a classic yet modern bedroom design. In addition to adding an iron door to your bedroom, you should also introduce the paneling idea. Painted wooden panels coupled with metallic ceiling lights in dark colors favor such spaces by offering a cool, sleek appeal.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Options are endless when it comes to using iron doors to achieve a certain home interior design. But many homeowners stick to safe options and fail to work out numerous design options that can be better than what’s known.

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, our iron door design team helps homeowners experiment with different types of iron doors and steel doors to create unique interior spaces. In addition to bedrooms, you can find stunning iron door options for patios, kitchens, home offices, living rooms, and bathrooms. You can also get your hands on stylish wine cellar iron doors to showcase your wine collection next in your home!

Get inspired here!

Beverly Iron Door—A Modern Addition to Traditional Spaces

If you’re thinking of making a cottage bedroom in your home, we know that you love to strike a balance between traditional and modern home designs. And that’s why we want to recommend you choose the Beverly iron door available at Pinky’s Iron Doors.

Made with the best quality material, high-end glass panels, and intricately designed metal frames, this stylish door design makes that perfect entry iron door. You can also use it for a unique patio entrance or go bold by adding more sidelights and transoms to it.

In short, Pinky’s Iron Doors’ iron doors in Mississippi are a must-have product for your home.

How Pinky’s Iron Doors Can Help You Create Stunning Bedroom Interiors?

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If you’re in Mississippi looking for a trusted and reliable iron door and steel door design company, we’re the answer. Our iron door range includes but isn’t limited to pocket doors, barn doors, pantry doors, room dividers, and iron doors with sidelights and transoms.

You can also check out our vast range of modern patio doors, such as French steel doors, Dutch doors, sliding doors, and bi-fold accordion iron doors in the US. Call us at (844) 843-6677 to learn more or head over to our YouTube channel for the latest updates and videos.


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