How to Design a Chic Wine Cellar on a Budget

clear glass bottles near concrete bricks

If you have some extra space tucked away in your home, why not turn the spot into a chic wine cellar or wine room? The best part is that you don’t need a room the size of Batman’s cave or thousands of dollars to build one—even small nooks in your home, such as a pantry or corner, can be utilized to design your very own wine cellar.

Here are some tips that can help you emulate the look (and functionality) of the best stunning wine cellars out there.

Ensure Climate Control

Wine can spoil quite easily if exposed to constant humidity and temperature fluctuations. The secret to a great wine cellar is adequate climate control that ensures your wine stays in good shape. The best temperature to store wine is 55 °F and shouldn’t vary more than 5 degrees on each end.

There are two ways to maintain optimal humidity and temperature:

  • Use a wine cooler or wine refrigeratorto store your wine
  • Position your wine cellar in a cool, dark spot that’s away from any windows and exterior walls that undergo the exterior temperature fluctuations.

Create a Striking Display

The display you choose for your wine cellar can make a world of difference. While kitchen cabinets offer excellent functionality, unusual wine rack designs and contemporary shelving are fabulous ways to make a statement. Innovative wine shelves enclosed within glass doors add a touch of class and display the contents of your cellar in a striking manner.

Check out this custom wine cellar glass door that we built for one of our clients. The modern, minimalist racks and ambient lighting make the wine bottles stand out perfectly against the white walls. The sleek steel French door design displays contents beautifully while helping maintain the temperature inside.


Consider Accessories

When designing a wine cellar or bar, consider what accessories you want to use to enhance the style and practicality of your wine cellar. Some barware essentials that many homeowners prefer to store nearby include glass decanter and corkscrews. If you plan to open and serve wine right there, then a wall-mounted wine glass caddy is super helpful.

For larger spaces, you can opt to build a bar with the wine cellar. Add a table and some bar stools for enjoyable lounging and serving.

Create a Contemporary Wine Cellar with Pinky’s

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we’ve helped many clients personalize their spaces with our custom steel doors and windows. Whether it’s a small space under your staircase or a large room that you want to convert into a wine room, a contemporary wine cellar can be an excellent additionto your wine. The door design and sales team at Pinky’s Iron Doors can help design the right door solution for your cellar.

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