How to Remodel Your Home the French Way

We can’t help but admire French homes. The French style is unique in a way that it exudes elegance and simplicity almost effortlessly. Walk into a typical French house and you’re likely to see aging furniture, artwork, and modern design elements that somehow tie up the look brilliantly.

Wish you could enjoy the French design at your home? Here are a few remodeling tips for you.

home decorated with vintage elements

Blend Vintage & Contemporary Styles

French architecture is all about celebrating the intricate details you’d otherwise have ignored. Lots of French residential architecture also involves drawing attention to historical elements or vintage furniture. You’re likely to find elegant fireplace mantels, tapestries, and old, decorative vases or pieces of art that transport you to another timeline.

The point isn’t to make you feel like you’re living in an 18th century home. Instead, French architecture and interior design encourages a mix of modern elements with  timeless vintage ones.

If your current house doesn’t have any distinctive architectural features you can highlight, consider revamping the flooring or wall tiles for a rustic French look. You can even install a fireplace or redo your staircase to achieve a French look.

Take Inspiration from the French Lifestyle

Another thing you need to know about French interiors is that they reflect the French lifestyle pretty aptly. The reason they appear to be so effortless is because they combine aesthetics with practicality. Rooms and hallways are designed in a way to enable easy movement within the house and help create a cozy environment.

If you want your house to emulate that French vibe, design the interior space according to how you plan on using it. There’s only so much aesthetic elements you can add, after all, and none of them would matter if they interfere with your lifestyle. Don’t need a fireplace for most of the year? Don’t add one just for the sake of it! Similarly, reassess your choice of design for your bedroom, kitchen, and lounge. The French lifestyle is all about accessibility and convenience—does your interior design offer these?

French steel door

Add French Steel Doors

Finally, don’t forget to add luxury French steel doors at your home. These are easily available in the United States and are already popular among homeowners. They’re easy to use, super functional, and visually appealing; all the qualities you need for a French remodel.

The best part about French steel doors is that they can be used as interior doors as well as exterior doors. You can switch your old wooden front door with a steel French door. Alternately, French doors can be used as patio doors, home office doors, and even bedroom doors.

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we offer a wide collection of modern French doors.  These are available in several designs and styles, and are perfect for your French remodeling project. We also provide an impressive collection of wrought iron doors.

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