How To Tell If You Need A New Front Door


Front doors, apart from being your house’s point of entry, play an incredible role in representing your house’s overall design. However, like any other feature, they need upgrades to help homeowners stay on top of their house design goals.

Read on to learn why you may need to invest in a brand new front door for your home.

Inadequate Size

One of the reasons why you may need a new front door is due to a poor door installation resulting from an incorrect door size. Homeowners often overlook door measurements and end up installing their doors incorrectly. As a result, the poorly installed doors become weak and look unappealing for the house.

If you think your house’s front door is not installed correctly due to improper door measurements, it might be time to request a door specialist to retake the measurements and provide you with a door that fits perfectly.


Outdated Design

Door designs are subject to continual changes, depending on the latest interior design trends. For instance, highly detailed doors have now become outdated as more designers and builders resort to chic, minimalist doors with refined iron and glass panels.

If you think your front door makes your house’s architecture look old, dull, and outdated, you may need to assess how you can keep up with the latest trends and find the perfect doors to complement your house’s aesthetic.

An excellent way to do so is by looking at various wrought iron door designs for modern, classic, traditional, and transitional houses and determining what suits your house the best.

Dull Colors

Another reason why you may need to invest in a new door is that your door’s colors aren’t as fresh, bright, and welcoming as they used to be when you installed them for the first time. Frequent exposure to outdoor elements and climate changes can impact the front door’s color.

If you think your existing front door’s color is gradually fading, you can either repaint it or order a brand new door in a brighter tone to give your home an entirely new look.


If you think it’s time to replace your front door, we at Pinky’s Iron Doors can help. We’re a leading supplier of iron french doors, custom iron doors, iron patio doors, iron sliding doors, and a wide range of wrought iron door designs to complement your house’s architecture. Contact us to seek help determining the best front entry door for your home. Like always, we’re determined to take care of your needs with a beautiful front entryway through our iron doors.


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