Huge Black Friday Sale! Find the Perfect Affordable Iron Doors for Your Home

There’s really no better way to add to your property value than furnishing your home with wrought iron doors. Wrought iron doors are sturdy, prestigious and grand—adding beauty and an extra layer of security to your home to raise its value.

With Black Friday just over a week away, now is the perfect time to look up wrought iron doors without thinking of overspending. Black Friday at Pinky’s Iron Doors offers you a novel opportunity to invest in your home with minimal cost. Our high quality craftsmanship and vast range of wrought iron doors is at your disposal at some of the lowest rates in the market. 

Our Black Friday sale offers discounts of up to 60% on doors and up to 75% off on locks bought with said doors. Whether you’re looking for thermally broken doors, doors with sidelights, or doors for your patios—our collection of doors has something for everyone. If you’re thinking of investing in a wrought iron door for Black Friday, let us walk you through our catalog to show you some of our more popular door designs.

Patio Doors

Patio Doors

Our custom patio doors are made from premium materials, designed to withstand intense wear and tear.The Air collection, in particular, is inlaid with glass panels of your choice so you can enjoy the expansive views beyond these doors. True to its name, the air collection is designed to give you an unobstructed view of your patio, lets in plenty of light and is one of the more minimalistic patio door designs in our catalog.  The collection includes double doors, single door in both flat and round top designs.

Entry Doors

Entry DoorsThe crowning feature of our catalog is our vast array of entry doors. The door designs lies across a spectrum that ranges from minimalistic doors similar to the Air collection we spoke of before all the way to doors inlaid with intricate designs. The Beverly collection is one of our most popular door designs featuring a delicate ironwork designs handcrafted by our world class craftsmen. 

If you’re trying for a vintage aesthetic, then you should consider other collections like the Queensway or Bailey Pewter. Either collection includes flat-square and round doors, inlaid with a glass-type of your choice and ironwork patterns with straight lines rather than curves. 

Sliding Doors

There’s little chance of going wrong with sliding doors. Pinky’s Iron Doors’ collection of sliding doors fit well within the minimalistic interiors of contemporary homes. These doors let in plenty of light, offer unobstructed views of the scenery around your home and are simple to install.  These doors are made from durable iron and can withstand extensive use, without needing frequent repairs or replacements.

This isn’t even the entire range of doors in our catalog.  We also stock thermally broken doors, doors with sidelights, and a variety of locks to complement your doors. Speak to us today and book your orders before our stock runs out.

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