Industrial-Style Doors: Are They Right for You?

When you think of industrial-style interior design, what comes up for you? The answer is usually a combination of high ceilings, wooden beams, exposed bricks and wide iron doors. However, most people don’t realize that like every other kind of design type, industrial design originates from a particular history and for a specific purpose.

Either way, industrial or factory-style design is a theme that gained popularity in the late ‘90s and made a comeback during the 2010s because of the combination between rusticity and minimalism that it upholds.

Let’s take a look at the question of industrial-style steel doors and figure out what they can add to your home.


Crittall’s 1860 Innovation

As the name suggests, industrial style comes from the kind of design and architecture common in factories and even homes in industrial areas during the 1700s and the Industrial Revolution.

However, where steel frame windows and doors come into this larger zeitgeist is in 1860, with an Essex ironmonger Francis Henry Crittall manufactured the black steel windows in his forge that became iconic. The kinds of windows he created have now become an essential part of industrial design.

Although factory-style homes incorporate plenty of wood and brick elements; windows and doors in this style are usually made of iron and steel, mimicking the sturdy fixtures used in homes and production spaces during the Industrial Revolution.

What Factory-Style Steel Doors Offer Today

Of course, the industrial-style windows and doors you find today aren’t going to be as grim and heavy as the ones used back in the day, but that’s definitely a good thing! The factory-style steel windows at Pinky’s Iron Doors are characterized by their sleek, plain design that boasts durability and insulation.

Our factory-style steel doors can look like the iconic Crittall windows, but in door for, or they can resemble the wrought iron entry doors from our Air series that have less glass and way more steel.

So, while precise design details may differ, the basic effect these windows should have is a display of ruggedness, simplicity, strength, masculinity and sleekness. What you should remember is that factory-style fixtures like our black steel windows and doors are perfect for all kinds of homes, not just Manhattan lofts and studio apartments.


Will They Steel the Limelight?

There’s always the possibility that your industrial-style windows and doors will overwhelm your indoor space, making the rest of your house seem mediocre by comparison. It’s also possible that these doors and windows just don’t work with how your home looks.

We have some essential recommendations in this case. First, you can look up plenty of inspiration from our website. Second, you don’t have to go all-in with the industrial design. For example, if you have a steel-heavy industrial front door, you may want to stick with more minimalistic designs everywhere else.

Another way to make it work is to add industrial doors in unique places, like your home office, study or similar rooms. We’ve even seen people add them to their bathrooms! This way, it doesn’t drown out your interior design.

Lastly, buy steel frame doors with square panes that mimic industrial design, but in different types. Steel French doors, steel sliding doors, pocket steel doors, accordion doors, etc. are all examples of doors we sell with industrial design incorporated in them. Check them out at our online shop and you may even find some discount iron doors!


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