Insulating Your Home against the Cold Weather

Winter is just around the corner, and at this point, one of the most pressing questions you need to address is that of insulation. Is your home insulated well enough to last through the winter of 2020? While weather-stripping your doors and windows and sealing drafts are efficient ways of reducing heat loss, upgrading your doors and windows can offer permanent solutions to insulate your home better.

Here are some iron and steel doors and windows ideas to help you improve your home’s energy efficiency this winter:


Black steel French doors for the patio

As compared to wood and aluminum, black steel transfers little heat. This means that if you currently have a wooden or aluminum door adorning your patio, it’s high time to upgrade to a sleek and stylish black steel French door.

Since French doors are made of panels that meet tightly in the middle, you won’t have to worry about air leakages. With these modern outfits, you can ensure that your HVAC runs optimally, and you don’t spend your hard-earned money paying for hefty bills.

Custom wrought-iron entry doors

Choosing an eye-catching entry door that can communicate your taste and is functional is one of the most challenging decisions you’d have to make as a homeowner. While the aesthetic appeal of custom wrought-iron entry doors tailor-made according to your preference can please the eye, its world-class performance can provide security, comfort, and energy-efficiency to the occupants.

And since wrought iron transfer little heat compared to wood, it can help you retain the temperature inside the home, reducing heat loss. Before buying a wrought-iron door, make sure that it’s made of lowE glass, is fully-insulated, and thermally-broken.

While lowE glass is a dual-panned glass system that offers excellent thermal properties without compromising visibility, thermally broken outfits have a barrier between the inside and outside of the metal that stops them from conducting heat.


Steel sliding doors for the attic

Insulating your attic is crucial in maintaining your home’s structure. Steel sliding doors can stop any heat loss from occurring and ensure that water vapor doesn’t seep through the attic, reducing and erode your walls. Moisture in the attic can also be detrimental to your roof. Hence steel sliding doors made of well-insulated material can ensure that your home's tricky spaces remain moisture-free during the colder months of the year.

Factory-style steel windows

If you’ve been using regular glass windows, your home’s insulation may be performing below expectations. Factory-style steel windows made with lowE glass can reduce air loss while giving your home a modern and stylish touch. Make sure that that you get these outfits installed correctly for optimal performance.

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we pride in providing world-class wrought-iron French doors, factory-style steel windows and doors, and steel sliding doors at fantastic rates. We also offer custom made black steel and iron entry doors, pocket steel doors, and bi-fold accordion doors created according to your taste.

You can also reach out to us for iron door spray, transoms, sidelights and merchandise. 



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