Iron Doors that Create a Picture-Perfect Patio for Your North Carolina Home

When it comes to designing a harmonious outdoor environment, patios are a necessity. They're a great place to relax, have a picnic, or snuggle up and read a book. However, you may need to make some alterations and improvements to your outside area to make it more welcoming and cozy for visitors.

Your home's comfort, visual appeal, and overall design can all be affected by the patio door you select. In this in-depth article, you'll discover the most exciting ideas for transforming your patio right in time for summer!

Types of Patio Doors

French Patio Doors

The French are unsurpassed when it comes to exquisite and refined house design. As a result, most Charlotte residents choose French doors' clean, modern look as their patio door of choice.

French patio doors offer effortless adaptability, making them ideal for large or minimalist homes. They bring light, warmth, and aesthetic harmony into your living space by flawlessly integrating with your décor and furnishings. For a stunning and refined look, go for black French doors.

Barn Doors

Even if you haven't seen these patio doors in real life, you've seen them all over home décor magazines and catalogs. While barn doors provide a practical solution, their rustic appearance immediately elevates any room.

Patio barn doors have a bottom groove mounting mechanism and an upper track system. This makes them convenient to open and close while seamlessly connecting your indoor and outdoor spaces.


Accordion Doors

If you've ever seen or played an accordion, you'll grasp the concept of accordion doors right off the bat. Accordion doors are the ultimate way to bring the outdoors in. The wide-open beauties bathe your interior with the natural beauty of the outside world.

Your indoor picnics will be much more fun once your patio becomes a seamless integration of your interior and exterior spaces. Prepare to unwind after a long day of work by decorating your patio with pastel lounge chairs and fresh greenery.

Bi-Fold Doors

Although homeowners in Durham don't often go for them, bi-fold doors are an attractive and practical option for patio entryways. As the name implies, sliding these doors open folds the entrance in half from one side to the other.

Sliding mechanisms and iron doors come together in bi-folds, creating a sleek new door design. So, despite not being as compact as other patio entrance doors, they are a viable option for your Raleigh home.

Pocket Doors

Why not make the most of your outside space even while cooped up inside? Add glass-paneled pocket doors with a black steel frame for a spectacular view of your outdoor area. The pocket door design is ideal for compact rooms when sliding or pivot doors are too cumbersome.

Pocket doors are as simple to use as sliding doors are. Instead of twisting knobs and handles, doors may be pulled out of their elegant chambers without any fuss.

Black Steel Sliding Doors

The right patio door isn't just about the look and feel. You should also consider practicality and make the most of the available space. If you have a small property with lots of furniture, go for patio doors that take up little space.

Sleek black sliding doors are an excellent choice for large and small patio entryways. They take up lesser space since they don't need room to swing open. All you need is a simple sliding motion to let in loads of fresh air and sunlight. You can also have them customized to your specifications to fit your patio entryway.

Dutch Doors

If you like having meals outdoors, Dutch doors are the perfect decor accent to elevate your dining experience! Smaller homes and townhouses often lack a large backyard and instead have a small deck and a little patch of greenery. Dutch doors are ideal for this arrangement since they are single doors with a top half that open up to pass dishes through.

These iron doors look charming nestled up in a corner. These iron doors can instantly transform your patio and amp up your Asheville home's value. Their neutral features make them suitable for both urban and rural properties.

The Ins and Outs of Patio Doors


In Greensboro, this patio door is one of the most typical entry doors, but it needs a lot of room on the inside. The best part is that the unattractive hinges are hidden within the house rather than on the exterior, making these patio doors an excellent choice for many homeowners.


Since they require a clear route on the home's exterior, out-swinging patio doors are best suited for smaller spaces. Homeowners are drawn to these doors because they are more sturdy when the wind picks up in the opposite direction of the door.

The hinges and bolts are on the exterior; hence they provide the interiors a more fashionable aspect rather than obstructing the color or design of the décor. Homeowners in Jacksonville no longer have to be concerned about their entry doors slamming into sofas, tables, recliners, or other furniture when they open their doors.

Sliding or Folding

Fayetteville's homes are often structured in a manner that makes it challenging to include either style of swinging patio door. Such situations need folding or sliding doors since they do not necessitate the use of swinging doors in areas such as a sun room or a balcony.

Bespoke Patio Doors in North Carolina

To explore more unique patio door options, customize a door, or get them delivered to your door for free, get in touch with Pinky's Iron Doors. We have a collection of trendy black steel sliding doors, wrought iron doors, and more to inspire your patio renovations. Contact us today to learn more or browse through our website for inspiration!


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