Iron Doors: The Perfect Match for All Your Interior and Exterior Door Needs

Have you grown tired of looking at the same front entry doors and the same interior doors over the years? Don't worry – you're not the only one. Most homeowners are always changing and updating how their house appears.

While some might update the paint job, others could even replace their entire furniture with a new one. While all of these changes would give your house a new look, sometimes all you need is a little bit of juggling and changing a few things here and there.

One great way to do this is by replacing your interior and exterior doors with fashionable iron doors. Iron doors are a great choice for anyone trying to move away from the traditional wooden doors. They bring elegance, class, and additional style to your house.

Over the years, iron doors have become a very popular choice for interior decorators and homeowners. Instead of opting for traditional wooden doors, most designers and homeowners pick out iron doors for most of their spaces to make their homes look fresh, open, and more desirable!

Before we start diving deep into why iron doors are the perfect match for your Kentucky residence, we must first go over some of the advantages of installing these doors. Let's begin!

Benefits of Using Iron Doors

Improved Aesthetic Appeal 

Whether you're opting for an iron interior door or an exterior door, you can guarantee increased aesthetic appeal. The doors are magnificent, have a graceful look, and give you more than just a door.

The large glass panes, the intricate work on the designs, and the overall look these iron doors provide for the house are to die for. Get your hands on some French doors, pocket doors, and a lot more.

Enhanced Curb Appeal 

What's the first thing that a visitor notices when they arrive at your house? The answer's easy – the front door. So, what better way to jazz up the space and add a little value to the curb with great front door ideas?

All you need to do is pick out one of the best French doors for the exterior of your house and let their elegance do the talking!

Adds Property Value 

If you're investing in property and real estate right now to harbor results later in life, then an iron door addition to the house is a must. Adding a few iron doors to the exterior and interior of the house will help you increase the property value and make a profit when you finally decide to sell the house.

Iron doors also add a bit of customization to the property, which gets you better value than any other option in the market.

Some Stylish Designs Perfect for a Kentucky Residence

Let's take a look at some iron door designs for your Kentucky house.

French Front Doors 

A popular option amongst homeowners has been iron French doors. These doors have intricate designs, with the incorporation of large glass panels and a few modern-day fixtures – these front doors can make your casa look regal. You can get several designs within the category of French doors, such as double-arched, single arched, and flat doors.

Bi-fold Patio Doors 

Bi-fold doors or accordion doors are a great option to upgrade your patio. If you host a lot of parties and have large gatherings coming over all the time, then what you need is some of these quality iron doors. These doors are great space savers; they fold to a corner and can be cleared out of your way without any hassle.

For large parties, family gatherings, or an official dinner you can have some extra space on your patio if you opt for these bi-fold doors.

Barn Doors 

Not everybody signs up for modern-day architecture; some people are more interested in giving their house a wild look. If you're wondering how doors can help you bring a bit of the countryside inside the house, then we have the perfect option. Try some iron barn doors and see how you can make your space resemble a ranch.

Some barn doors placed in the kitchen, storage rooms, or wine cellars can help you make the place look different and unique. Pair that up with some wooden plank interior decorations, and you're good to go!

Pocket Doors 

Who doesn't enjoy some extra space on their hands? If you love having a little bit of extra space around the house, all you need are some pocket iron doors. These doors are great for congested spaces where you can't afford a hinged or pivot door. A pocket door usually deposits into an adjoining wall, where a cavity has been created at the time of installation.

These doors are great for spaces where you need some extra space and a little wiggle room. These are great for wardrobes, pantries, and between a study and living room.

Dutch Doors

Another great option for anyone who is looking for a stylish exterior door would be the Dutch door. These front doors are fun, stylish, and very functional. They are split in the middle, and you can easily open the top or bottom part of the door with ease. These are great when you need a little extra ventilation but have pets and kids around the house that you don't want escaping.

To make it a bit more attractive, you can always opt for some transoms or sidelights to make the doors look more spacious, grand, and epic! With these doors adorning your front steps, anyone who visits will be in awe of your design sense!

Choose Pinky's for All Your Door Needs

Now that you have a few front door ideas and a few interior door ideas to choose from, it's time you get in touch with Pinky's Iron Doors. We have a wide range of steel and iron doors for the interior and exterior of your house. Whether you need French doors, Dutch doors, or more – we have it all. So what are you thinking about? Schedule an appointment with us today!

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