Is Your Home Fit For an Iron Door?

Finding the perfect door is not a walk in the park­—after all, it’s the first impression anyone has of your home. Your main entrance door speaks to its style and individuality.

Known for their durability and strength, wrought iron doors are a foremost choice for most. Their elegant yet sturdy look adds a unique sophistication to your home’s exterior, and their strength is also a sure-fire way to deter even the best of burglars.

If you’re wondering whether an iron door is the best fit for your home, here are a few ways you can figure it out.


Should You Go For An Iron Door?

You may love the iron door’s luxurious and impressive look, but there are tons of things you need to consider before you go ahead with the installation. For instance, will an iron door go with my home’s architectural style?

If you answered yes, here’s how you can find the right iron door for your home.

Picking the Right Shape

Iron doors have three primary shapes—straight top, arched top, and eyebrow top.

But finding the best shape that fits your home can be tricky because all doors have varying heights.

Although the height can be adjusted according to your needs, you still have to decide the shape. Straight top doors are more versatile compared to the other two. Arched tops give your house a more glamorous, mid-19th century look, whereas the eyebrow top features intricate details that are perfect if your home’s design is built around Tudor style.

Adjusting For the Rough Opening

The rough opening is the size of the entryway where the door is fitted. It’s typically an inch bigger than the door’s overall size if you want a hassle-free installation.

Installing wrought iron doors is fairly simple, provided that you’ve chosen the correct door to fit the size of the entryway—as such, you must be careful when taking measurements.

Choosing the Jamb Depth

The frame, also called the jamb, bears the weight of the door to secure it in place. The depth of the jab should match the wall’s thickness.

As such, when you’re choosing the frame, you need to match it to your wall’s thickness; otherwise, you’ll have to deal with the hassle of your door falling off the rails.


Make The Process Easy For Yourself—Go For Custom Iron Doors!

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