Living Room Design Ideas Smackover Residents Simply Can’t Ignore

Your living room in Smackover is one of the most used spaces in your home. Whether it’s a family gathering or a get-together with friends, it’s where you’ll probably host them. If your living room needs a refresh, consider livening up the space with these décor ideas. We’ve compiled some of the best tips from renowned designers to bring you all the guidance you need in one place:


Fresh accent steel door 

Like accent walls, accent steel doors are high-impact and low-budget living room décor options. Make a statement with a bold entryway into your home and give your guests a taste of your style before they even enter your living space.

Bring in the greenery

Greens aren’t just for your body; research proves that indoor plants ease stress, deter illness, and lower stress.

You could place a large plant as a focal point on the coffee table, but if going grand is not your style, place small pots in strategic locations around the room. You can also place a beautiful wrought iron flower pot in the hallway; it’ll compliment the ornate wrought iron entry doors. 

Hang a collection on your bi-fold or accordion door 

If you live in an open floor plan and use bi-fold or accordion doors to create a living space, consider hanging an eclectic collection of hand-woven pieces, baskets, and other sustainable articles. These pieces will help you add character to your living space by enhancing the chic style.

Let the light in with factory-style steel windows 

With its rich spectrum and wide hues, natural light can light up an interior space like no other. Consider installing sizeable factory-style steel windows to blur the lines between interior and exterior spaces. Instead of bold colors, strike an eye-catching balance by using soft textures and subtle, nature-inspired palettes.

Go monochrome with black steel doors

Working with a monochrome design includes picking up one base color and using variations to strike the right balance. Start by installing black steel front doors and take it from there. Use grey and white sofa covers, rugs, and wall hangings to give it an exquisite look.

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