Looking to Replace Your Front Door? Double Steel Exterior Doors Are a Top Pick

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Front doors are obviously the most important doors of any house or building. They do not only keep you and your loved ones safe and secure, they are often also one of the first things that catch the eye of visitors and passersby.

There are many options when it comes to exterior doors, and one not often considered are double steel exterior doors. Here's why you should take them into consideration.

What Makes Steel Double Doors a Premium Investment?

When you explore all the options available on the door market, many products may seem interesting. Here's what may go through your head:

"Check out these wood doors. They have a stunning finish and nice-looking decor that will look great in my front yard."

"How about these vinyl doors? Installing them seems to be a walk in the park."

"These laminate doors also look great. The manufacturer says they can resist bad weather with ease."

Hold on though! Don't add any of these items to your shopping cart just yet. Here's why: steel double doors offer the same features but at a higher level.

Ready to see why steel double doors are among the leading door styles? Let's dive right in and see why PINKYS' selection is superb.

Reason 1 - One of the Strongest Door Styles to Date

Thousands of customers visit PINKYS every month to make various purchases. One of the most popular products is their exterior double steel doors.

The biggest factor that draws homeowners is the pure strength of these doors.

Steel is more durable than most other materials, including laminate, vinyl, and aluminum. As such, it's a popular long-term investment, especially if you're concerned about inclement weather.

High winds and large hailstones are no match for these doors. Their next-level impact resistance gives you peace of mind, knowing your door will withstand the harshest challenges.

You know that old saying about sticks and stones breaking bones? Well, they're not breaking anything on your door.

Reason 2 - Very Durable

The durability of a door doesn't solely depends on the material it's made of. The hinges, knobs, deadbolts, handle sets, and other hardware are also significant. The higher the quality of all that hardware, the longer the lifespan of your exterior door.

Steel door hardware performs especially well in this respect.

Each piece, including the ones in the frame, features exceptional craftsmanship. It helps keep the door intact, even in the fiercest of storms.

As a result, you won't have to replace your steel door just a few months after the purchase. Steel doors are more durable than most other doors and can last anywhere from 30 to 100 years.

Reason 3 - Greater Ventilation with Double Doors

Having a pair of windows in your entryway is great ventilation-wise. They increase the amount of fresh air inside your house and reinvigorate the interior.

But in some cases, windows are too small to make a difference. And if they're old, opening them can be a nightmare, making you feel like you're opening that jar of pickles that's been in your pantry for months.

Exterior Patio Doors with Glass Double Doors PINKYS Iron and Steel Doors

So, thank you, windows, but it's time to step aside and make room for something much better.

When it comes to ventilation, the larger the opening, the better.

And it doesn't get much larger than double exterior doors.

The double door design allows you to open two, not just one vertical panel. Once you do so, you'll get more air inside than you could ever bring in with standard windows.

Leave them open for just a few minutes a day and watch the comfort level of your home reach new heights.

Reason 4 - Expansive Appearance

Another reason you should visit the PINKYS shop for double doors is their expansive looks.

Think about it - you want to create an awe-inspiring effect with your home, don't you?. Doing so is hard if you only add tiny features barely visible to the naked eye.

Don't be afraid to inspire grandeur.

Don't be afraid to go big.

After all, you either go big or you go home when designing your home.

For this reason, upgrading to an oversized double door is a much better alternative to bite-sized accessories.

They not only fill blank spaces but also make your place look bigger. Whenever you open your door, you'll feel like stepping foot inside a royal palace.

Reason 5 - Illustrious Design

The first thing someone sees when entering your house is the front door. But you won't make a lasting impression if it's a generic door.

It needs that "WOW" effect.

It needs that kick you can't get with a run-of-the-mill door.

A great way to achieve this is to invest in a double steel door.

A number of factors make this style impressive.

Illustrious Glass Steel Windows and Iron Doors PINKYS Iron Doors

For instance, the fact that it's a double and not a single door conveys a sense of sophistication. Chances are, few (if any) neighboring homes have a similar door, which means you get to stand out.

Second, the steel construction is intrinsically appealing. It can be elegant or rustic, depending on the textures and shapes.

Whatever you choose, the material will make your guests' jaws drop. After all, they'll realize that most other houses on the block have a wood door.

Yours doesn't belong to this realm. Yours is a true gem.

Lastly, the visual effect goes to another level if you add glass panels to your door. They make it even classier, especially if it's frosted glass.

Stronger than other types of glass, it reinforces the structural integrity of the door and adds a new dimension.

Reason 6 - Superb Energy Efficiency

A subpar door goes against your need to have an efficient house. It allows air to escape and invites outside air, requiring you to use your AC longer.

Your electricity bills can spike if this goes on.

Thankfully, you can save the day by installing a double steel exterior door to get the most out of its energy-efficient design. Featuring an insulated core and weather sealing, it traps indoor air and prevents outside air from entering.

This is another layer of the unmatched craftsmanship of these doors. It decreases the need to turn up the AC as often, so you don't burn a hole in your pocket.

Reason 7 - More Sunlight

Having plenty of sunlight makes a world of difference, both for your wallet and health.

Just think of all the perks - with natural light in the house, you don't rely on bulbs as much. This saves more energy.

The health side of things might be even more important. By increasing how much sunlight you receive, you can boost your productivity and immune system, lowering stress.

And what better way to invite natural light than to mount a double steel exterior door with glass panels?

Even if you choose frosted or tempered glass (which is blurry), you'll get plenty of sunlight in the hallway.

If you're not a fan of glass doors, no worries. The double design means you receive twice as much sunlight by opening your door for a daily dose of ventilation.

Reason 8 - Minimal Maintenance

You want to update your door to enhance comfort. Installing a door that requires in-depth maintenance would defeat this purpose. In fact, the grind to keep your door in tip-top shape may even make you regret your decision to buy the door in the first place.

PINKYS Iron Doors Getty Double Flat Steel Entry Door

Regret doesn't exist in our dictionary and neither does it in yours.

But you need to make the right choice when shopping for your door. A steel front door comes to the rescue yet again.

This material is superior because it doesn't rot or warp. As a result, you don't have to worry about termites and rodents ruining the aesthetics.

That's not to say you shouldn't take care of your investment.

An occasional dusting with a lint-free cloth goes a long way in maintaining the illustrious gleam of the surface. This is critical if you live near the coast, where salty air can have an adverse effect on the door.

Other than that, don't forget to grease the hinges every once in a while and apply linseed oil to keep water at bay.

Reason 9 - Blocking Noise

Insulating your home is critical. You know what other form of isolation is essential? Sound isolation.

If you live in a noisy neighborhood, cars can make it virtually impossible to rest. You come home from work and can't wait to sit back on the couch and put your feet up.

"Finally! Some well-deserved rest!"

But all the engine roar and clamor outside is too loud to ignore.

If only you could block the commotion.

You can, thanks to steel exterior doors.

PINKYS Iron Doors Double Interior Doors with Glass Panels

They insulate sound better than most other doors. That's because the material is dense and has a solid core that prevents sound waves from entering your house. This adds a bit of weight when opening or closing, but it's nothing compared to the relief of silence inside.

By muting out unwanted sounds, a steel door allows you to put your feet up and enjoy a Sunday afternoon in peace.

Reason 10 - Perfect for Parties

Picture this - you're throwing a BBQ party in your front yard. You've invited all your friends, so you need the appropriate equipment.

A barbecue, large table, and chairs are just some of the items you should take outside. Doing so would be much easier if you had a large front door.

A double door, more specifically.

By installing one, you can organize the event effortlessly. Hauling all the furniture inside and outside the place is a cakewalk when you open both the active and inactive door panels to form a large entryway.

A double door is perfect for higher traffic as well. If more people want to enter or exit the house, they can do so at the same time, rather than stand in line.

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Reason 11 - Compatible with Many Accessories

A double steel exterior door looks fabulous as is. The material and double door design convey a sense of magnificence and Southern California charm.

Why not underscore the aesthetics of your door with accessories?

A double steel door works brilliantly well with quite a few of those.

Let's say you wish to illuminate your house to a greater extent. You can easily do so by installing sidelights. These convenient windows sit right next to your door, letting tons of sunlight in.

They also improve security by giving you a clear view of the entryway. You can see who's at the door without letting them in.

In addition to sidelights, transoms and transom windows are also fantastic when paired up with double doors. Sitting atop the door, they make the area appear larger.

Reason 12 - Exceptional Fire Resistance

Being a homeowner isn't just about ensuring your house is comfortable. It's also about planning for the worst.

For example, is your house prepared for a potential fire? If it breaks out, does the house have certain elements to contain the flames?

A steel front door can be your first line of defense. Unlike wood, the material doesn't combust.

It has a high thermal resistance, meaning it can survive for more than an hour when exposed to flames. This gives you plenty of time to call for help and prevent long-term damage.

Beautiful Front Entry Iron Double Doors PINKYS Iron Doors

Reason 13 - Fewer Repairs

Not all doors are equally strong. For instance, laminate and vinyl doors are relatively frail. Even a minimal force can dent them and make them less secure. Whenever you play football or baseball with your kids, you have to stay as far away from the door as possible to avoid damage.

But even if you're super careful, accidents are inevitable. And since weak doors can't stand up to various threats, you need to repair them often.

There's no telling how much time and money you stand to lose if this keeps up.

A steel front door eliminates these issues. Its rugged construction can absorb pretty much anything without the slightest damage.

A stray curve ball takes a turn to your door? Don't hit the panic button. Watch as the ball bounces off like waves against rocks.

Reason 14 - Eco-Friendly Alternative

Construction guidelines are getting stricter by the day. Therefore, local codes may require you to invest in sustainable materials and elements of your property.

The requirements vary, but most organizations place a large emphasis on sustainable doors. If your door isn't eco-friendly, you could incur hefty fines.

Why take a chance when an eco-friendly material is right in front of you? That's right - steel is a highly sustainable material due to its recyclable nature. It can be repurposed indefinitely, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint by installing a steel door.

PINKYS Iron Doors Air 4 Steel Bifold Doors for Dining Room

Reason 15 - Adding Value to Your Home

Selling your house might be unimaginable from today's perspective. You plan on living there for the foreseeable future, and you need a door to make your stay more comfortable.

But who can tell what the future holds? After all, you don't have a crystal ball to know where you'll be 10 or 15 years from now.

Maybe, just maybe, you decide to upgrade to a bigger abode. If so, you'll want to sell the original property for a great price.

But here's the catch - potential buyers will consider the tiniest of details to lower the price. Is there a missing shingle on the roof? Does your garage door have a dent? Or, do you have ventilation problems in the attic?

You should address these issues before a sale, but one of the things that can help you hold your ground during negotiations is a double steel exterior door.

Now that you know the benefits of this door, be sure to highlight them when negotiating.

Top-class durability, aesthetics, expansiveness, and security are just a few selling points. Double down on them, and they'll be an ace up your sleeve.

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Double Steel Exterior Doors

If you want to create a breathtaking exterior and improve the functionality of your home, a double steel exterior door will fit your property like no other.

The versatility of this door can't be denied, but you shouldn't rush the buying process. Otherwise, you may make the following three mistakes:

Mistake 1 - Not Getting the Right Dimensions

When most people want to replace their double door, they're often looking to get a door with the same dimensions as their previous door. In most cases, you can also go smaller or larger as long as you have the right installation team on your side.

Regardless of whether you're sticking to the same size or are going larger or smaller with your double doors, you need to make sure you take the correct measurements. To do this, you'll need to check the height, width, thickness, and jamb. The best way to calculate the height is to perform three vertical measurements:

  • One on the left side
  • One in the center
  • One on the right side

If your door is level, all three numbers should be the same. But if the door has warped, use the highest measurement as the basis.

When it comes to width, simply measure from one end to the door to the other. Don't forget to measure sidelights and any other accessories that may influence the width.

A quick way to measure the thickness is to simply open the door and see how thick it is. While you're there, record the jamb, which is the thickness of the wall that the new door will be installed into.

Mistake 2 - Not Considering the Type of Steel

Steel is a broad term. It includes different types of steel, which is key information when selecting your door. Galvanized and galvannealed steel are two of the most common options.

Galvanized steel provides high protection from corrosion. The only problem is that these doors are more difficult to paint.

Galvannealed steel has a matte surface that allows for easy painting. The downside is the higher risk of rust so galvanized steel is a better option in humid areas.

Mistake 3 - Not Requesting Cutouts

If you have a pet, you may want a double door with a built-in pet door. It can make all the difference in terms of keeping your home clean and your pet healthy. With a seamless gateway to the outside, your furry friend is less likely to leave drops on your precious hardwood floor.

Likewise, a pet door is good for your cat's or dog's health. It gives them more freedom and lets them go out whenever they feel restless in the house.

The only problem is that making a cutout for a pet door after the installation is impractical. So, make sure to request this when buying the door.

It'll give the provider plenty of time to customize the product.

The same goes for any other cutouts. Discuss them before the purchase so that you'll have a fully functional double door that ticks all your boxes from day one.

With PINKYS Double Steel Exterior Doors, Elevated Home Value Is Guaranteed

Magic Johnson

Shavo Odadjian

Dr. Woo

Their jobs couldn't be more different, but they have one thing in common - creativity. They want their homes to ooze creativity, which is why they get their doors from PINKYS.

One of the reasons is that we offer top-quality double steel front doors.

And they're ideal as your exterior door, too, due to their unmatched strength, ethereal looks, energy efficiency, and minimal maintenance.

With over four decades in the business, PINKYS understands what you expect from your front door:

  • Breathtaking textures
  • Sturdiness
  • Versatility

Our products meet all your criteria. PINKYS makes each door with unparalleled attention to detail to give you more bang for your buck. The materials are tough as nails, and the textures capture that Southern California flair you've always dreamed of.

Without further ado, explore our double door collection and see why we've set the bar so high.

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