Modern Design Ideas for Your Wrought Iron Doors

 The hallmark of modern design is using technology and strategic placements to create a thought-provoking interior. This architectural style features clean lines and minimal use of material.

Modern interior design relies heavily on doors to pull an interior together. From incorporating modern takes on rustic styles to adding personal touches, here are a few ideas for adding a contemporary feel to your wrought iron doors:

Barn Doors

When you think of barn doors, you probably imagine rustic wooden doors with a top that slides open. So what are they doing on this list of modern design ideas? The barn doors at Pinky’s iron doors are a modern take on a charming, traditional design.

Keeping that sliding top in place, our barn doors are made of sleek black steel and glass. Like steel sliding doors, they save you tons of space because they don’t swing open.

Double Arch Iron Doors

They are a must-have when it comes to beautiful arched doors. A home with double doors exudes sophistication and modernity. If you want your property to be noted for its privacy, go for a Getty Double Arch iron door.

These twin steel entry doors feature less glass and more steel in their frame. These iron giants do wonders for curb appeal because you can see them from the street. They’ll leave visitors in awe and potential buyers making higher offers for your property.

Pivot Doors


 Pivot doors are a visual representation of the seamless flexibility that characterizes modern life. Pivot doors get their name from their lack of hinges. All you see is an extra-wide door with a metal frame. For convenience, these doors have a smooth, easy-to-swing opening mechanism. They are the perfect modern upgrade to any room.

Bi-Fold Accordion Iron Doors

These iron doors are perfect for large spaces like patios. Like French doors, these doors create a seamless connection between your indoor and outdoor spaces. They also have glass panels that bring that outside light into your interior.

A distinctive feature of bi-fold doors is that you can draw them close like a curtain. Remove the latches, then slip them back into pleats. This not only saves space, but it also has a more striking visual appeal than a typical French iron door.

Bespoke Wrought Iron Doors

The versatility of wrought iron doors is one of their most significant advantages. Their unique designs add a special touch to every space. Get an iron door made to your measurements, with any of the above modern designs at Pinky's Iron Doors.

The doors and accessories in our Air range come in a wide variety of styles and materials. This series represents modern design at its core – thesedoors light, elegant, and uncomplicated. If you’re not looking for a customization, our online store carries a huge selection of wrought iron doors, sliding doors, barn doors, Dutch doors, and black steel doors, among others. Give us a call at (844) 843-6677 to place and order learn more about our products.


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