Modern Interior Doors for Your Home: Pinky’s Iron Doors


Looking for stylish and beautifully designed modern interior doors for your home? There’s no place better than Pinky’s Iron Doors for all your needs! If you’re having trouble deciding on which door is best for your home, we’re listing our favorite, most modern, and ultra-chic options for you below:

Air 5 Interior Double Flat

The Air 5 Interior Double Flat is one of our premium designs, giving you a play on texture, style, and design, with multiple glass panes divided along the length and width of the door. Although a double iron door, this piece does not shy away from design innovation and helping you make the best of a smaller space.  You won't have to compromise on the aesthetics, or decor elements, thanks to the beautifully crafted body.

Air 4 Interior Double Flat Top

Another beautiful, more modern take to iron doors, the Air 4 Interior Double Flat is a uniquely crafted door that is neither too space-consuming nor too bold but somehow impossible to miss. The cozy double doors are topped with glass panes, it's more delicately designed than the Air 5, but definitely not less functional. It's an excellent choice as an interior iron door!

Air Lite Mini Arch

This door brings together some of our favorite features in an iron interior door: arches, glass panes, beautiful frames, and an ultra-modern look. Perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and as a room divider, the Air Lite Mini Arch has a slight curve on top, gorgeous frosted glass panes, and plays with the clean lines and designs. It's also great as a patio or poolside door or an additional back entrance connecting to your backyard. You'll get to enjoy greater privacy with this door.

Air 5 Interior Barn Door

Leaning more toward the slight luxe side, the Air 5 Interior Barn Door is actually an excellent choice for those homeowners who enjoy a more innovative addition to their spaces. It's perfect for different settings and spaces, especially as a room divider, and you get to enjoy the quirky but practical design to the fullest.

Can’t get enough of our modern interior doors, can you? We’d love for you to browse through our complete collection to find pieces that will draw you in. Check it out.


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